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This is a Creativity University that encompasses all genres of music, art, fashion, photography, painting, Literature etc.

Lyriversity is more than a name, it is a brand. Lyriversity is much more than a group, it is a family. it is much more than a gathering of great minds, it is an institution.

We here at Lyriversity are committed to the arts, the learning, the nurturing of raw talents into world class professionals.

Lyriversity is divided into schools, what some Universities will call Faculties.

*School of Literary Writing (Articles, Literary Reviews etc)
*School of Poetry
*School of Prose
*School of Music
*School of Visual Art (Drawings, Painting & Photography)

We are currently active in the School of Literary Writing, Poetry and Prose. soon we will activate the School of Visual Art and Music. As time goes on and this institution grows, we intend to add more schools and discipline.

Enrol in our school. Join the faculty that is best suited to your talent. Like our blog and register your courses (your writings, music tracks, and videos) for the semester and graduate into a professional.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity