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by Adebayo Caleb C.

My Geography teacher once taught me that all oceans, big as they tend to be, have feeder lakes flowing into them. But many times we see only the oceans for how big they are. Yet if we cut off the lakes, we kill the oceans. This is how the Literary and the Entertainment industry are; like lake and ocean, like un identical twin sisters. One is the backbone holding the body in place, the other is the palm, taking all the handshakes. Should we continue to grace the palm or pay more attention to the one that braces the palm?
Industry is a niche of sorts with a certain Interest. There is no escape from the fact that in our contemporary society, the Entertainment industry is gaining fast popularity with its interest over a number of major industries. The media has created a frenzy that cannot easily die down. More money, more devotion, more time and attention are given to the entertainment industry than is being or has ever been given to the literary industry. The reason is not far-fetched. For each of us in one way or another we have exalted the media over literature. This ought not to be so.
As much as the Entertainment and the Literary Industry share a common core; somewhat peculiar kindred spirits, the Literary Industry should definitely be regarded more importantly. The reason is simple. Literature is the lifewire of any society, even of entertainment. Literature is culture, it is history, it is intellectuality, it is life. It is pregnant with the past and future. Wherever literature feeds entertainment, there is a healthy creative market, a robust entertainment Industry, free of intellectual jaundice. A lot of what comes out of the entertainment industry today lacks substance and quality. There’s a lot of lewd, unnecessary and bland content being churned out of the entertainment industry, both in music and movies. This is because little attention is paid to the literary industry.
In essence, literature is entertainment, maybe not fit enough to form a part of the entertainment industry but just enough to feed it. If the Literary industry is promoted and paid more attention to, there’ll be more intellectual content to feed the entertainment industry and our nation with.
‘Attention!’, like the military clarion call goes. Let’s pay more attention to our core intellectuality, our history, the vertebrae of our creative industry- The Literary Industry.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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