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Painting by Hillary Cypril

Painting by Hillary Cypril

by Hillary Cyril

The medium with which the artist transformed form into subject matter bears witness to its form of art, which in this case is painting. The paints were dropped with high stokes of straight, slant and oscillating lines of harmonious orches, Sien, umber, green, cobalt blue, purple and lemon which unfold the pristine figure of a young woman poised in portrait form like the Da-Vinci’s Mona Lisa (but in 3-quarter) with a part of her hair flowing down rhythmi ally to her left to create a symphony with the dark green shade of the lower part of the background. The other part of her hair covered her ear, as if to suggest she was wearing a scarf, And a peeling at the right part of her eye to expose the African Map.

The figure exposes the mediation between cultural change as a result of education and its effects on gender. The centralised figure executed in naturalistic style bearing witness to Africa’s uniqueness in creating realistic forms. The work at its first glance evokes a question in the viewers mind; why a woman? Why a young person? Why Africa? And why the eye? And why the revolving background? Et al.

I do not pretend to have the answers. But i believe that
i-women represent Change, birth, relegation, and a nation.
ii-young people represent strength,vigour, hope, joy, love
iii- Africa is the centre of the world.
iv-The eye is of strength and vision.
v-The revolving background the definition of change…

HILLARY UGOCHUKWU UZOMBA is a student of Art History, Alvan ikoku Federal College of Education, Nigeria. He blogs @ You may reach him on twitter- @hillarycyril

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