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Posted: December 4, 2014 in Articles, INSIDE NIGERIA
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Map of Nigeria

Map of Nigeria

by Okoye Chukwudi Charles Ezeamalukwuo

Reading; makes a Man. Discussion; a better Man, and Writing; a complete Man.
— Francis Bacon

Most Nigerians don’t read; this is a statement that has been proven beyond reasonable doubts. But why are most Nigerians allergic to books? Now this is an observation which has so many divergent theories trying to explain it.

I was discussing with a “Friend” about this blog, and also about the culture of reading and writing in Nigeria. He told me that he has been seeing my post for awhile now, but he hasn’t opened it, and he is not planning on doing so. He went further to tell me that Nigerians don’t read. And this according to him is because Nigerians (and in extension Africans) are hungry, and that as long as Hunger persists in Nigeria, Literature (Reading and Writing) will remain an art for those who dream and are not willing yet to wake up to the reality of our situation.

He also prophesied to me that in 10 years time, that frustration would have stopped me from writing, and he even dared me to bet with him.

It is funny to me now how less we value our own, and how much we let our words run riots and spill lava upon the dreams and aspirations of our neighbours.

Nigeria has frustrated us all, and still does frustrate us today, but some of us remain optimistic about the hope of redemption for this Nation. We don’t cling on to this hope because we are dreamers, or idealists. No, we do cling on to this, because that is what good men do.

According to my friend, Nigeria will never get better, not in the next 200 years at least. He calls himself a realist, I call him a negatively skewed case. Being a realist does not mean that you can’t dream and seek for a betterment of a screwed situation. It does not mean that all you see is the unrepentance of the present situation. No, it does not intel seeking to uplift yourself alone to the detriment of the community, or folding your hands and condemning the Nation without as much as lifting a finger to help, or uttering a word of advice, encouragement or praise. No, Being a Realist is acknowledging that the Nation is fucked, but those who wish to make changes have to go about it in a certain manner, in a manner filled with thorns and thickets, the narrow road, where feet may fail…yet willing to make the move.

I believe that Nigeria will never get better until Nigerians start changing first and foremost their attitude, their Mental Attitude towards the Nation.

I don’t believe that Nigerians don’t read because of Hunger, I believe that Nigerians don’t read because of the Decay in our Educational System…where graduates like my friend, are proud to say that Books make them sleepy, that they only read to pass, or to get money, and nothing else. I write this because I know that folks who went to school in the 60s, 70s and early 80s, they read and they read a lot. But Children of Today don’t even know how much they have been robbed.

There is a need for Organisation…Nothing can be achieved without Organisation. Good men should come together today to form a group and try to reason a way out of this mess.

Nigeria does not need a million people to change it. Boko Haram I believe are less than 2,000 men. With a 100 men and women of similair aim, with Organised Structure, focus and determination…Nigerians will feel something new.

Can Nigeria change…YES,
Will Nigeria change…Only You and Me can answer that.

Okoye Chukwudi Ezeamalukwuo writes from Lagos. You can reach him on twitter: @mr_charlze

  1. Tim Nwaobilo says:

    I respect this man when he talks…and when he listens.
    A prophet and a guardian.
    We need to read.
    A reading community is an already liberated peoples.
    Write on Mr Charles…Read on Mr Charles.

  2. Anene Francis says:

    ‘The read more campaign’, count me in!
    * Everybody may not write, but we must and should read and act on them accordingly.
    *Yes our writing should focus more on proferring solutions to our problems not stopping at complaining and condemning. (Helpful too)
    I second mr Tim’s comment. Prophet sha lol. Good work mr Solar.

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