INSIDE NIGERIA: 2015; When the Light at the Tunnel’s end becomes elusive.

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Articles, INSIDE NIGERIA
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Map of Nigeria, courtesy unknown

Map of Nigeria, courtesy unknown

by Okoye Chukwudi Charles Ezeamalukwuo

Are you currently sitting in a hold up? Are you looking for a job, or being laid off? Are you presently being harmed or harassed by the security personnels stationed to protect you? Or are you tearing apart a stewed leg of an innocent chicken? There is this thing in the air, and it’s not Boko-haram (though T.B. Joshua may beg to differ), it’s not the unelectrified bulb, and it’s not witches or the woman-bird. . .it is the 2015 general election.

With Atiku and Buhari declaring their intentions to contest, and PDP agreeing on Goodluck Jonathan, and with Kwankwaso, Rochas, (and maybe Chris Okotie, Pat Utomi et al) soon to declare their intentions as well, I believe that the ground is being watered for the plundering.

But in all of these politicking and lobbying, there are three things I am sure of; come 2015, with all things being equal.

1) There will be no change in the socio-political structure or economic imbalance in the nation regardless of which party wins the 2015 Presidential election.
2) APC and PDP are the same. A vote for APC is similar to a vote for PDP and vice versa.
3) President Goodluck Jonathan does not deserve to be Nigeria’s president beyond 2015.

Some folks will call me a prophet of doom; one who is pessimistic about the fate of the Nation. Others will call me a skeptic, a blind un-believer who can not see the achievements and promises of positive change that the opposition has got. There are still many who will want to chastise me for not understanding that the current administration has tried so much in the face of all the opposition and sabotage the president has had to endure and still endure, and that the opposition is our major problem.

But I am not a prophet of doom or pessimistic. I am neither a skeptic nor an un-believer. In fact, I believe that the opposition has a major role to play in any democratic setting. I believe that the challenges before the present administration are enormous, and that the opposition has not been helpful at all in providing reasonable solution to any of them.

APC as an the opposition in Nigeria under the scrutiny of a microscope is mainly an aggromeration of disgruntled individuals, many of whom have failed in their respective mandates and manifestos. APC to me is a party without ideology (as is with PDP), with no manifesto, no code of conduct, no vision except to gain the presidency. And for APC to admit aggrieved PDP members, many of whom are beneficiaries of the same corrupt system that they claim to be fighting, has shown most of us sitting on the fence that the party is no messiah at all, and that we have to wait awhile for the messiah to come.
APC die-hard followers have always argued that there is strength in number. And that sometimes a good man has to seek alliance with evil men in order to win. This I totally disagree with. Darkness and Light have no connection at all at all. Show me your friends and I will show you who you are. And having seen APC members, I can comfortably say that APC is PDP in everything but presidency. A quick look at there Presidential candidates so far shows the same crop of ancient politicians who might have been there when Flora Shaw seduced Lord Lugard into naming this country; Nigeria. Kwankwaso is a bit young, but he is a PDP product who has no structure outside the core north. Atiku is seen by almost all as the controller general of corruption. Buhari; the anti-corruption general has history against him. His regime and Abacha’s are both competing for the all time most brutal and draconic regime. He is old, and seen by folks in many places in the south and middle belt as not being a Nigerian candidate, but a core Northern candidate.

Coming to PDP, the ruling party that has been there for 15 years now. Whose first president is now half PDP, half APC, and who gave us two violent selections in the name of 2003 and 2007 elections. PDP to me is the main problem of Nigeria. It is a cancer that was given birth to during the “10-percenter” days of the first republic, survived the civil war, and the lacklustre regime of the second republic, nurtured by the Babangida’s and Abacha’s administrations, legalised under Abdulsalami’s regime and Blosoomed in 1999 as a full blown epidemic. Yes PDP as well as Goodluck Jonathan’s administration does not deserve to exist beyond 2015.
A lot of folks say that President Jonathan is a good fellow and has good plans for the Nation. Some say that he is trying his best. But the truth remains that whether it is Boko-Haram, Kidnapping, Oil Bunkering, Corruption, Youth Unemployment, Low Power Supply, Insecurity, Lawlessness, Infrastructural Under-development. . .name it; President Jonathan is not a casualty of any of these, or is his immediate friends and family among the victims of any of the myriads of Nigerian problems. The same can be said for the opposition leaders. It is the common Nigerians that have to suffer these, so the idea that Mr President is the target of some local and foreign detractors are nothing but bullocks.
Has Mr President done enough to curb any of these problems? The answer (even in Thunder) is a resounding NO. Corruption and Impunity have grown exponentially under his administration. And coupled with his unwillingness to take a decisive step in tackling any of these problems, is not helping his case among those of us sitting on the fence.

So APC and PDP are out of the question in terms of producing a messiah. Then what is the way forward? Is there light at this really long dark tunnel? With the way things are shaping out, there doesn’t seem to be. It is unfortunate that Nigeria is a non-homogenous, and complex country that have a simple way of partitioning us all into opposing groups. . .we swear, we curse at each other, and at the end of the day we support the same group of men who kept us in this harsh condition. Many people who support President Goodluck Jonathan, do so simply for sentimental reasons…and they are mainly South-southerners and South easterners with a mixture of Middle Belterns and South westerners. You can hardly see a core Northerner supporting Goodluck Jonathan, they are Buhari’s core supporters. Yes Buhari’s base are mainly in the core North, a mixture of South-westerners, Middle Belterns. You can hardly see a South-southerners or South-easterners supporting Buhari. Same can be said of Atiku and Kwankwaso, who have there supporters restricted to their region. We are all Tribalist, and this makes 2015 very interesting but with little prospect for change.

The only way I see towards having a change in Nigeria is to for the good men (who are in large numbers) to go and form their own party. A party with clear ideology and strict code of conduct which will regulate its members. A kind of association built from the ground up. Which should involve every strata of the Nigerian socio-economic society. . .which should include traders, teachers, scholars, students, church leaders, muslim leaders, farmers, carpenters, technicians, bankers, lecturers, etc. Everyone is called to partake and contribute their quota. . . and not a party of the elite for the elite.

The problem with Nigeria (and indeed Africa countries) is the failure of Leadership. Achebe said this, and I’m reaffirming it. Our government is not ours. It is a foreign entity legitimatised by a sham election and a broken system that is recognised by the West. If we pulled down the government and the system that sustains it, and replace it with a government that truly draws its power from the masses, then the domino effect will be drastic and progressive.

How do we change our system? Simple, start changing from the bottom, because the up will only take divine intervention to change. Good men need to start organising themselves, and start taking back their community little by little. Find people of similar ideology, form an association, a cult. . .contribute money, share ideas, and then go out to the streets and make it better.
You are paying N50K a term on school fees, that’s N150K per year. Try and get one or more parents to your side, join your money together, send your child to a public school, and use the money to develop that school. Stop complaining, APC and PDP won’t improve education in Nigeria, their children are not here. Stop waiting on those men, they and their children are not Nigerians anymore. And until we realise that APC and PDP are not here for Nigerians, until we do, and start working towards regaining our nation, until then. . .the light at the end of the tunnel may remain ever elusive.

The statements, views, and opinions in this write up is solely those of the writer, and does not necessarily represent those of Lyriversity.

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  1. shomykolad says:

    wonderful and educative. Sir, you just spoke my mind. Weldone sir

  2. […] Source: INSIDE NIGERIA: 2015; When the Light at the Tunnel’s end becomes elusive. […]

  3. Nancee says:

    lol@ ‘send your child to a public school, and use the money to develop that school’. you are speaking of public school when parents are struggling to send their children abroad.
    I agree with you that nothing will change in 2015 whether APC or PDP (by the way,are they the only parties in Nigeria?) wins, but I am of the opinion that ‘good men’ coming together to form a party and then start making changes MAY Not solve the problem. though I have no suggestion now, I know that power is intoxicating, and even the ‘good people’ might be tempted to abuse it.

  4. LegendaryCJN says:

    The accronym PDP means People Destroying People…we are not blind to their cash-and-carry politics in Nigeria since it’s inception…but then which is better? Is it the APC which to me is made up of irredentist and carpetbagger politicians?
    It’s obvious that much won’t change after 2015, and the PDP would continue with its party of the rich, by the rich and for the very rich leadership, but I’m not rulling out some changes entirely because I believe change is about the most constant thing in life, and I believe Jonathan would bring about some changes after 2015.
    Nice write bro

  5. Anene Francis says:

    I respect your opinions, and agree with many of them. Nice write up.
    * I still go by my comment in one of your posts here in lyriversity on “Organised minority is Majority” (what’s up with older posts vanishing na?)… You can’t have a political party with all its members ‘good’ but the good one try to influence decisions for the better. Also, That you support a party does not mean you should support or vote for all the candidate it chooses. We have different levels of leadership. We should vote the most credible for each position regardless of party. If none are competent enough, choose the best among them still. It is not the presidency that move a country forward… Our hope for change is in our hands not any political party.

  6. Anene Francis says:

    Corrected > ” It is not the presidency Alone that move a country forward…”

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