COMMON GROUND: The Reading of Trees

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Articles, Common Ground
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by Fiona Lovatt

That bare stump of the neem tree, left in the open this past rainy season, put forth its shoots afresh. Remembering, perhaps, the pull toward the sunshine up there where this roof inclines towards the neighbour’s house. Remembering the suck of roots that still stretch beneath concrete paving and under the porous earth, a network to draw upon when the clouds open beneath the mounting clouds.
And there, the fresh young seed must wait for the bursting explosion of life we call germination. Inexperienced, it puts down one single tendril, exploring the structure of this rich earth. One tender shoot, fine as a twist of hair in a plait pulled across the scalp of a young child, pokes two unfurling leaves into the open world above. Rain is a new experience. Soil and sunlight are new too, yet the DNA carries the instructions for growth. Without any further stimulus the new plant takes hold. These delicate leaves. This fragile stalk.
And the rainy season brings its blessing to old and new alike. One drinks in with confidence. The other is almost drowned in the quagmire, or trampled underfoot in these precious months, but both grow.
That seemingly barren stump. This juvenile. Their duty is to grow. Sunlight, soil, rain and the miracle of their purpose in this season of the rain.
We know the science. We eat the produce, burn the wood, take our medicine, make our furniture but have we learned our lesson in the reading of the trees?

Fiona Lovatt, Photo Courtesy of Facebook Fiona Lovatt's image

Fiona Lovatt, Photo Courtesy of Facebook Fiona Lovatt’s image

Fiona Lovatt is the Columnist for Common Ground, here on Lyriversity.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. mothersalive says:

    Correction: the title is The Reading of the Trees.

  2. Anene Francis says:

    Those beautiful poetic puzzles again. Many possible meaning. Here is what I picked up first.
    * Survival/ progress… It is more difficult to start than sustaining something (static and dynamic friction) but there is no absolute end in the struggle until there is a halt. Recovery/revival also require effort but experience lubricates.
    * Live and let others live too.
    * ehmm, not sure I’ve learnt the lesson well. Going back to chewing the cord… Nice reading from your bank of knowledge again. We have been starving.

    (Editor, she said,” The Reading of THE Trees”)

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