Posted: September 30, 2014 in Poetry
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by Anene Francis

Here we are, fellow seamen lowly paid,
In this ship, another sea to invade.
The wind’s beating cause the sails growl in pain.
Underneath, I hear more– your muffled wails.
Not for equal division of labour
But same proportion be used for honour.
The winds we battle to tame night and day
And in turns keep watch for bergs and pirates.
We know who takes the credit– the captain
That savours the comfort of the cabin,
Spout orders and inspect with folded arms.
Who remembers the name of a seaman?
They say we are the most crucial at sea.
Not me, not individual you but WE!
Don’t be fooled by the badge on Captain’s chest.
We touch land, we breathe same air of success.
Hear and cheer up. He too was once here, down.
Pawns. Indeed, that is what we are– for now.

Onward we march, fellow infantrymen
From hostile force our frontiers to defend.
Armed with rifles or less and boots for treks.
Head and torso guard of helmets and vests.
All around me your jaundiced eyes I see
Sick with envy, cast at the cavalry.
I too desire the comfort of horsebacks
And assurance within the fort of tanks.
I wish to wield awing power of bombers
Or artilleries that taunt from afar.
Thank goodness that wishes were not horses
For they too would wish no rider exists.
If all feathers were to be beaks and claws,
How would Eagle sour the skies she now lords?
I look at you, I get huge morale boost.
That which I lack, I find in multitude.
No surety in base support or supplies
But ourselves– I watch your back, you watch mine.
True. The Grim Reaper may claim some of us.
We’re but pawns fighting for a noble course.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Peter says:

    One of the best poems I have read. It reminds me of my boss in the office and in turn gives me hope that I will someday be greater than he is. Nice piece bro

    • Anene Francis says:

      Thanks a lot mr Peter for the heartwarming feedback. This was a pet project. Now I don’t know again cos its growing beards lol. Good to Know it made some impact. For that I consider it a success. *dancing azonto*

  2. Chidi Justin says:

    This is a masterpiece. I easily connected with that line of thought and I’m impressed with the use of words along with their twists. A perfect reflection of the reality of life mankind has failed to embrace because we sort only the honours without an initial labour. Pawns would always be pawns; only the enlightened pawns become kings.

    • Anene Francis says:

      Thanks mr Chidi. Nice hearing from you. This stuff can be viewed from different angles. Me sef wan learn from am as to what others see also.
      * Well, pawn may not always remain pawns as subsquent series may elaborate (pawn promotion). One thing I know for certain is that No low rank get any chance of promotion if it does not move, if it does not carry out its present duties. What else do we see, apart from the obvious? Something about no2 that make me read it like I don’t know the author 😀

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