Posted: September 26, 2014 in Poetry
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by Nancy Ewurum Chibuzor

You are here
But not here
Roaming the deserts of nostalgia
I reach out to touch you
But I catch the rushing wind
I whisper your name
But the echoes fling it back to me
I walk faster to catch up
But your fleeing shadow cast night upon my path
Like a blind man with no guide
I grope about for a steady hold

You are here
But not here
Swimming about in confused waters
I try to call your name
But the watery talons hold back my voice
I kick against the tide of frustration
But my flailing legs are indeed no match
For the currents of your absence
I cling to the reeds singing your goodbye
In hope of strangling that dreadful song
I succeed only in magnifying your vacancy

You are here
But not here
Sliding down the ice glaciers of life
I feel around for your warmth
But your footprints have long been erased
I listen hard for your returning footsteps
But I hear deafening silence
Like an avalanche plummeting hastily
I rush through life’s blizzards
In hope of finding the ‘still waters’
Amidst the death valley of life’s turbulences

You are here
But not here
Levitating on the illusions of loneliness
I conjure up your imagery
Like Leonardo, I wake up still dreaming
I see you afar off
I pinch my nose and dance in circles
But Iā€™m quite lucid
I steer towards your fantasized form
But with the mist; you elope
Grieved, I touch down and taxi into firm reality.

Nancy Ewurum Chibuzor is a project manager, a graduate Federal University of Technology, Owerri. You can reach her on twitter: @nansyie

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  1. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    This is a very good poem. I love it. I kinda wish that a girl would write this for me. This is very lush and wonderfully written. I can feel the despondency in the poet persona…the longing in her voice…this is what love does to someone…I really like this. Keep it up.

  2. Anene Francis says:

    hmm Day dreaming can make one loss track of reality… That perfect world we build in illusion. More painful it is when that which once sweetened reality is lost, imprisoned in illusion where you can see but not touch or feel, like a hungry man watching a movie about lavished banquets… Desires sha. Want them, miss them, Live goes on- not in the past nor dreams…
    * Nice piece

    • Nansyie says:

      @ Charles, thanks, glad you liked it. Its not always about love you know, sometimes ‘it’ comes out in unsuspecting tones. keep your fingers crossed, some lucky gurl is gonna write

  3. Nansyie says:

    Anene thanks. Day dreaming was a big part of my childhood and yes, it does distort reality but as a writer it is pertinent to delve into those dreams and synchronize them with bits of reality to create a near-real fiction. I’m glad you like the piece.

  4. LegendaryCJN says:

    In Greek mythology, when Tantalus offended the gods, they cursed him. His punishment is likened to that Igbo adage where one is inside river, yet soup enters his eyes. To Tantalus, illusiveness becomes a second name.
    This poem reminds me so much of Tantalus’ ordeal with each stanza starting with:
    “You are here
    But not here”
    The word Tantalising was coined from Tantalus’ curse.
    Nice read. I enjoyed.

  5. LegendaryCJN says:

    *soap* I mean.

  6. Nansyie says:

    thank you CJN

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