Posted: August 12, 2014 in Poetry
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A starving Biafran Child

A starving Biafran Child

by Okoye Chukwudi Charles Ezeamalukwuo

(Inspired by “HALF OF A YELLOW SUN” the movie)

The labours of our heroes past,
The blood of our heroes past
Spilled upon this rolling stone,
Poured from this earthen urn
Runs still from these broken skulls
To the earth in vain…

And yesterday’s rain still beats us today,
The passersby still mock us on the way…

They ask:
Why does the shadow linger still after dawn?
They ask:
How long before these haunting dead are dead?
They say:
A lifetime of wailing will never stir the dead.
Half a century of mourning should be enough
For the bereft to weep & forget.
They say:
Look! The gateman has closed the cemetery doors
And the late mourners have all dispersed.

But the river still charts its course
To the embrace of the sea
The cage secures but the heart craves still
For the danger of the tree

Blood, bombs and betrayals
The lingering tales of hollowed eyes
Of dreams stifled in infant sleep
The celebrated cases of kwashiorkor
Of Air-raids, Genocides & Refugees
Of Brothers against brothers
The blackness of our race.

We remember these, we remember…

Our voices cry out from the Earth,
Not out of vengeance or malices.

Our blood cries out, not like Abel’s,
Not for reparation or retribution…

We speak in memory of our dead
We remember them, because we are human,
Because they were human.
We remember because they were our fathers and our mothers,
Our friends, our neighbours, our brothers and our sisters.
We remember because they were our heroes, our comrades, our soldiers,
Our scholars, our leaders, our poets and our teachers.
We remember because they were Biafrans,
Because they were Nigerians.

We remember because they were our own;
Those who now rest beneath our feet,
Who dwell in the trodden ground, eternally silenced
To prolong the still fading whimper
Of a self-conflicted Nation.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. LegendaryCJN says:

    Great write from a great man.
    Check this: “And yesterdays (yesterday’s) rain still beats us today”
    I like.

  2. Oyin Oludipe says:

    Laden. And is fitly doleful. I am yet to watch the movie, but this reminds me of one of your early poems, The Lost Child.

    Consider ‘Run still’ in the fifth line for ‘Runs still’. A bold inspiration nonetheless (y)

  3. Tonye Willie-Pepple says:

    Touching, well carved, your choice of words really gave life to poem, “of a nation not yet our own” you may want to consider that. In all nice one man.

    • Ezeamalukwuo says:

      It is not I who chooseth but the muse. Thanks Mr Tonye for sparing the time to read and comment, I appreciate your input as you can see.

  4. talesmen says:

    Hmmmmmmmm… I came, I read and felt no pinch. I strongly believe this was not how you pictured it in your heart; the way you wrote it.
    A beautiful picture but not painted well to suite the event. I see more and better, I see you reviewing this poem and making it much more better, but if you chose to leave it this way, I’ll still commend it to be a great piece.

    Kepp the good work my Better Man!

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