THE BLACK FACT: Africa Still Struggling

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Articles, The Black Fact
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by Theophilus Nana Tsiwah

I always at least within each hour ponder a while about why Africa is still what it is. I look at my elephant grass roof and ask, why this beautiful and blessed Africa is still lying in the shackles of poor development.

As a “Semi-Villagist Pan-Nkrumahist-Afric­anist,” in each day I try hard to put my thought and soul into the days and reason conscious ideals of the nationalism movement. In fact, in those days of nationalism movement there were low level of political consciousness streaming the breadth and length of our Africa continent. There were times, that the needs to let the continent be united as United State of Africa drove it stream of passion through the hearts of many nationalists.

Kwame Nkrumah, had a thought-in-chains ideas of making it worth a pride to prove to the world that when the African is given the opportunity he can prove his mettle out of the boiling doubt minds of the world which looked at Africans as incapable of managing their own affairs.

In the Gold Coast for instance, in the era where the chiefs were used as “stooges and puppets” to accomplish British official policies and agenda, the educated class of intelligentsia were woefully cut from the governing stream Not that they were not knowledgeable about how to ‘man’ the affairs of their people, but the bigger agenda was to entrench British rule in the rock of the land.

Several years after independence (more than 50 years for Ghana, Nigeria, Congo etc), independence for the continent of Africa still is leaving her indelible prints in the sands of colonialism that it is not ready to manage her own affairs. Various government have made deliberate measures to put things in place, yet it appears without a shred of doubt that these measures are either donor countries and institutions appeal or at the pleasure of serving their own parochial desires.

Many are times that we hear of government interventions to safeguarding the economy of Africa state. In the face of scrutiny, these interventions could be seen as just one of a kind to still push Africa into the chains of neo-colonialism as Nkrumah would rightly put it. The African on the other hand is also not committing his soul and heart to seeing that the right thing is done. Individualism which is a direct concomitant of slavery and colonialism is what the African is dying hard in its pool to swim.

Africa has passed through the spectacles of many denigrating thunderstorms yet that to my portion of critical observation have not made Africa and the African informed. We as Africans have not learnt any reasonable lessons from their past histories. We have become more Euro-centric than ever. Corruption, bribery, cancerous rots, diseases and lack of development is eating Africa to the core. Sometimes, it is so disheartening and heart breaking to learn how so and so dire projections are made in terms of Africa’s future. As matter of truth, most of these projections, predictions and forecast are urban centred which in it purest reality is just as a fragment of “truth-in-a-lie”.

The struggle has become over due and must be changed. The new world order I see surfacing its head must mark it time in the shifts and dictates of Africa and Africans. Africa is for Africans and it must be noted critically that it is only Africans alone that are the keys to solving this puzzle of problems dwarfing this continent.
I will now conclude with some lines from my poem:


Just when I thought I was an African,
The voices of foreign dominance,
Struck me to the feet of my mind,
Into a journey along the shores of Africa.
About, when neo-colonialism shall
Cease laying it bloody hands on Africa?

Just when I thought I was an African,
The struggles of our past histories,
Torture and torment along the shores of history,
Struck my inner most self,
To riddle wet emotions,
Under the tongue of mouth.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author, and do not necessarily represent those of Lyriversity

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  1. Anene Francis says:

    Ok Africa is trailing by a large margin, most of them own goals (lol)… Like I see done in many team games, commitment must is fueled and drooping spirits revitalized by talking to ourselves, motivating ourselves. You see sportsmen before the game and at recess, squat together in tight circle wispering motivational comments to themselves and that whoo! whoo! whoo! kind of gingering… We are down but not out. All hands must be on deck.
    * Nice work reminding us once again where we are lest we become too accustomed to it and lose sight of where we ought to be.

  2. I agree to the issues raised which comes with clear way forward.
    Thanks for the read and suggestions #SirFrancisAnene

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