Posted: June 4, 2014 in Poetry
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by Okoye Chukwudi Charles Ezeamalukwuo

The awakening of the sun at dawn
On places base and holy, on grasses
Trodden black and Jasmine sweet, virgin pure
And maiden vile; calls to my mind the doubts
Of something more, something beyond this world,
Beyond this life I see. I hear clearly
The indifferent cock crowing again,
Hear pilgrims calling to a form-less being,
Hear children naked, shouting on the street;
Chasing still a low-flying aeroplane,
Chasing still an ever-elusive dream
Of justice and equality, of life
Without prejudice, without suffering.
The yellow leaves of human lives fall still;
Broken and stale, fall still on those areas
Where childhood mem’ries are loose, eroded
By time. I sigh, and from my window pane
I gaze at the cross-roads of human choice,
Human dreams and human aspirations,
Put on a face and faith; straws of smiles
To mask my fears, and step into the world…

I’m just a simple man in simple shoes,
With my simple shirt tucked in simple shorts.
My heart in my hand, my hand on my head,
I walk through meandering pathways of life.
A simple soul striding in simple steps,
Journeying equal miles in equal breathe,
Equal grass in equal grace, drifting still,
A log in the ocean, adrift at sea.
In the world but not a part of the world.
Detached from the vast companies of men,
From the highs and the lows, the kings and knights,
The cobblers, the cook, the peasants in the field,
The farmer wielding a singular hoe,
A singular hope in crudely drawn hands,
Ploughing the bellies of earth for answers,
Answers which lead unto more questions still.
I cannot will myself to run freely,
Nor break from travel, I’m bound to this path.
I have known both fire and water, both smiles
And tears, love and hate with equal measure,
And yet chose none in place of the other.
I am a part of everything that exist,
Yet distinct from all in the minutest
Of thoughts, in my words and in my actions.
I shared my dreams among the wild flowers.
My eyes I have lent to the bats to see.
My ears I’ve given to Shepard and sheep,
Each with equal passion and attention.
I’ve left my tongue to the hawker to use,
The labourers; both my hands and my will
To plough on still and yet not to plunder,
The troubadour have my feet to transverse
This road that stretches on eternally
From one history’s page unto another,
From the infant rocking on cradle bed
To the poet, the potter, the prostitute,
The man, the woman lost in the moment,
Lost in the edge of life’s meandering route,
Route taken by all and yet uncharted.
Unknown, Unmapped is the path we do tread.
The perennial road of life is untarred.
It is filled with debris, pot-holes and mud.
I’ve searched for a smooth area and found none.
Night and day, Life’s holds no happy ending
For the poor souls striving still upon it,
For it’s the greatest tragedy there is.
I have sought consolation in faith, peace
In ambiguous beliefs of mankind;
Those ancient creeds that conflict with reason,
That beguile me still, that betray me still.
I am but lost in the grand scheme of things.
A puppet for the master puppeteer
Pulled by invisible levers and strings.
Fate disguised as free-will, I make my choice.
Silver or suicide, my choices are vague,
And I will never know till it is done.
Perhaps there is much more beyond this life.
A retribution, a reparation
For the child, the man, the women that weep,
The slave, the king, the knight, the rich and poor.
Perhaps there is a peaceful place for me
To go and rest my heavy heart and feet,
A home beyond the mountains and the streams.
But I will never know till all is done.
And I will never know till I am gone.

It’s evening, the moon is up in the sky,
The stars have all descended from above.
And I, who is but a trespasser here
Must find a shelter for my thoughts tonight.
In the yon, the nightingale sings its song,
The ocean reflects their mysteries still.
And I, who is but a foreigner here
Must find the strength to dream once and again,
Till the night brings rest to my wand’ring feet,
Or the cock’s crow wakes me free and no-more.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Moses opara says:

    This poem is powerful. A reflection of reality.

  2. Oyin Oludipe says:

    South of his soul, sunshine above
    Simple in mind, with nature’s trove

  3. Ebuka Akosa says:

    A very melancholic poem indeed, i even i am deeply moved. Had to read it over twice, very nice piece….

    “Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. “Everything is Meaningless!”. I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind. What is twisted cannot be straightened; what is lacking cannot be counted. There is an evil i have seen under the sun: i have seen slaves on horseback, while princes go on foot like slaves. I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all. Here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgement, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil. (In the words of King Solomon)

    I do not intend to sound very religious but as regards your journey through life, allow me to quote a spiritual giant: “If you succeed, then it is your fault. If you fail, it is your fault. So you choose which fault to commit” (Frederick K.C Price)

  4. Unegbu Chetachi says:

    Dis is really a great one.a great masterpiece.Really life is nt jst black or white bt grey bt shall we bcos of it stp dreamin of d day dat we wil wander into dat place of peace.nice one.

  5. Chimezie says:

    A meditation on life. Very Yeatsian.

  6. MC Kingdavid says:

    I am speechless for now. Your length of your reasoning is deep, though not as deep as King Solomon’s mine. The piece is a collage of struggles, bitter-sweet of life et al.

  7. OLISA says:

    You used your poetic camera to snap the face of life. Brilliant.


  9. abraham says:

    I am just a simple man in simple shoes,wearing simple shirt tucked on simple short…..very catchy line.WOW

  10. Lihle Shezi says:

    Great work, you have a beautiful way with words

  11. Anene Francis says:

    You see why I come here without a hat? I’ll keep doffing it time and time again. This is brilliant…
    * Deep down, we all wish for a ‘perfect’ world but met chaos in which we are trapped, complicated by many things vague and unknown. Here arises the question of personal choices in search of solution and/or survival. Different paths, none straight or easy. Some choices make the situation more difficult for others, etc. Opinions, right or wrong, their choices all the same. Some despairing, others holding on… The end thereoff remain unknown. Facing the devil one sees now and hoping it ends well, with a consolation, a reward, anything better than the present, seem the plausible choice to many. Even same having different (conflicting) ways of going about that. Choose wisely… I concur specially with mr Akosa.
    * More power to your elbow mr Solar.

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