THE BLACK FACT: The Celebration of AU Day is it Worth it

Posted: May 31, 2014 in Articles, The Black Fact
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by Theophilus Nana Twisah

There is a time in life, I mean a reference period that a boy and a girl mature into a man and a woman respectively. With this changes taking shape in life, the rhythms of the mind-to-thought also undergoes this transformation. We do then begin thinking proactively in positions that sends our thought on travelling reasoning succession of what ought to be.

The celebration or observing of the AU (OAU) to me is such an irrelevant day as the aims or objectives of AU when put under the microscope of critiquè can be sorted out as not addressing the brain behind it as envisioned by the likes of it founding fathers like Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and so on.

The AU which sprung out of the former OAU has resumed a status of a ‘defunct’ more than becoming ‘active’ in pursuing it agenda and aims. To date, the AU has not been able to achieve the full taste in it aims. The AU has not achieve greater unity and solidarity between African countries, it has also not accelerated the political and socio-economic integration of the continent. Where is the integration of the economies in Africa? People are swimming and dying in abject poverty, diseases, malnutrition and so on.
The sad issue is that, the AU has not been able to defend and promote the common position of all Africans on issues of interest to the continent. The AU if it were human would have being a woman in a man’s skin. Cowardice is the perfect description of the AU when it comes to defending and speaking on common grounds on issues which would affect Africans on the geographical scale.

In the promotion of peace, stability and security on the continent, if that were to be an examination the AU would have scored 5% out of 100%. Where in Africa or which part of Africa is the AU promoting peace, stability and security? Take your mind and it visuality to the shores of our continent and you would realise the pain, agonising, and traumatic moments people are going through in some of our countries, and you would understand how ‘sluggishly’ and ‘deceasedly’ the AU has become in terms of promoting peace and security. What of the recent coup de’tat in our part of the world? Can that be linked to promoting stability?
Are we not still swimming deeply in the pool of colonialism after our paper written independence? What is the reference point of our being independent when we still can’t unite on our fronts to embattle this world’s order of not favouring Africa? Are our nations truly united? Is neo-colonialism still not eating us to our core?
Now, if all these and many more questions of problems are hanging around our necks as Africans, and our so called united body (AU) can’t solve them. Then what is even the point of the existence of AU, let alone celebrating or observing it’s day?

Africa must work and not talk-talk.
What is the importance of this statement to us as Africans; “that Africans are capable of managing their own affairs”? But are we really managing our own affairs?

The views, opinions and statements found on this column is solely those of the author, and do not necessarily represent those of Lyriversity.

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  1. Moses opara says:

    This is an exposure of reality and truth.

  2. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    The Name African Unity is an irony..a unpleasant joke…African Continent is far from united. The wars in Congo, Angola, Somalia, Mali, Libya, Nigeria etc show that the Union is toothless, a puppet in the hands of the colonial masters…yes! AU is a forum where the interest of Foreign Countries are being sustained.

    Nice and brilliant article…I like this

  3. The AU is surely living in the blind side of it objectives. This piece I know will raise eyebrows of some people who do not want to hear the truth, but the reality is that the AU has become defunct if not dysfunctional.

  4. Anene Francis says:

    Let me play the devil’s advocate to balance the argument. Every country has problems, local and regional. I suppose we should judge the effectiveness of AU by its responce to problems in African countries and also steps taken to prevent those preventable. See the response of EU in Ukraine-Russia crisis. The problem is far from solved but no one can question the amount of effort EU has put in curtailing it. In same way AU have had many successes worth celebrating, though not much. There were and are crises elsewhere same in some African countries. AU may arguably be slow in cases like war in Mali and so, no doubt, its absence would have been massively disastrous like in CAR… I blame the individual countries more for nonchalance in working together, as evident in the manner they are shying away in the face of present threat of regional terrorism. Also, policies for common good are relatively lacking… Ok, very little to celebrate but AU need reforming not scrapping. Good write up.

    AU, woman in man’s skin? Lol… Our female folks, please let’s pardon him o. Surely, the debasing was not intended.

  5. timnwaobilo says:

    I agree totally with Mr Francis.
    Without the AU, Africa would have fared far worse.
    But it’s pertinent to state that Theo’s depiction of AU as a woman in man’s clothes is apt, excusing the propriety or otherwise of that illustration. Yes, the AU is not that Force it should be, in comparism to its other counterparts. The EU, NATO etc? The AU seems almost absent in the minds of Africans as their present realities are devoid of any tangible AU presence. Also the AU from my point of view holds Little sway outside African shores. The EU for eg. is a Stark opposite.
    If the AU day should be celebrated at all, it should serve as a clarion call to the AU to arise out of her slumber. Paper tigers don’t usually survive the heat of fire.

  6. Great comments from #SirAnene and #SirTim to balance the argument. I humbly fetch from thy opinions aa well

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