COMMON GROUND: Young Hearts Beat

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Articles, Common Ground
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by Fiona Lovatt

This time now – when the rain falls and closes my day early, as my body checks off each muscle, joint and ligament – this time is a sweet reminder of the labours all over the world this day.
My feet, fresh from a shower, give thanks for soap and water. They throb with the weight they have carried (me and the load). They tingle in the ecstasy of movement and contortion. They have served me well this day. Through the tracks and paths across some distant forest, other feet have walked their path and borne their load.
My legs pulse with life as if there was some more energy I could expend. Elsewhere, thinner legs laboured on.
My belly is satisfied and rounds itself with warmth. Some other stomachs knot themselves at the end of the day and beg, “O tie a stone against me.” For some, just the long draw of water will swell the stomach for the night.
These shoulders heat the space between me and the chair. (I have a chair). Arms, hands, fingers, thumbs recall the day like sleeping dogs in the hot sun.
The labours of this day have been recorded in the flesh and sinew of bodies with far less, and bodies with far more.
And in that distant forest the hundreds of young hearts beat while fifty-four inches of plasma screens focus on able-bodied men playing games.
My labour becomes a prayer, “O Lord, accept my toiling and my effort. Accept my day. #bringbackourgirls.”

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    Superb writeup as usually from Lady Fiona…the part about the UCL final got me smiling. Yes Lord! Accept our toiling and our efforts, accept our day…and help our security forces to recuse our young hearts and the enemy to have a change of heart too. Keep it up Fiona.

  2. Nothing more can we say
    cos our tongues are stuck
    to the tips our teeth.
    All we can do now is hope,
    or better still, mope
    at a future full of flies…


  3. Chimezie says:

    The sheer poetry of this essay, the emotions . . .! This is how to protest.

  4. Anene Francis says:

    Nice write up… A call for mental solidarity with our adopted girls suffering in an unknown place. In our labours and comfort, we should remember them, suffering yet probably knowing no relaxation…

    Though I may not be directly active in the rescue mission since I am not in the security force or a volunteer there, what I can do among other things is to be dedicated in my daily activities even the more, at least in mental solidarity with the suffering children, and an offering to the God in supplication… On that note, sporting and entertainment is not out of place o. Their efforts contribute to alleviating high blood pressure lol. We should not be distracted from our quest though.

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