GAY MEN AND PSEUDO – DERVISHES Reassessing the Trap of Cultural Autocracy

Posted: May 7, 2014 in Articles, Works of Oyin
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by Oyin Oludipe

Yesterday, a man died. He was strapped to a pole and beaten until his head sank with blood. A violent flock of agile hands was his last audience. The opera subsides to the gentle exits of feet and logs. Yet no one really knew why he had to die, the lone man; only that when he was alive, he walked like a lady, loved to wear colourful clothes and had too much male friends.
So if he was humiliated, perhaps he would change; or if his life was taken, he would reincarnate as a ‘real African man’. But no change occurred today, only a bit of sorrow in his lady-like gait. And alas, no one felt a reincarnated presence.
The Nigerian humanity has had to weather a successive wave of horror: the oppressive boots, cabal politics, plane crashes, pedophiles, Boko Haram and now, an aftershock of gay-law debates.
The single imagery did not just evolve as co-existent ripples from the textbook pages of history. It simply materialised its scenes from a long-shaded homegrown barbarism, a sort of: advertise that legacy of madness to the roving public but do veil the cost.
Here we are faced with a weird inversion of human taste and reasoning or perhaps, Darwin is vindicated for his evolution goof. All the more strange and funny, it seems there is the advancement of a new breed of sapiens parading the earth with hormones diffused by the very much vaunted fantasia of gender roles and heartbreaks!
Perhaps it is wise to exercise silence at a point in time. But this is different. As it concerns the liberalist custodians of the homosexual pride and on the other end, the macho-minds of religion and ideology; Nigeria is primed for yet another climate of diversion.
One hardly finds anything that looks like an appealing choice, any pre-possessing premise more intelligently imposed. Yet I am impaled by the fear that civilised life on our land is on the brink of extinction.
The collective orientation – backed by a rigid sensibility – of accusers is this: ‘Blackman knows no sodomy, and should never’. Yet, just so few have come to accept that it is the condition of human diversity to be lumbered with mysteries; ones particularly besmirched by cunning political interpretations, and all the more threatening, unwarily twisted by the arrogant paraphernalia of fundamentalism.
While it is too late to quench this torch with sermons alone, this expression of intolerance even from a government consecrated upon the very touchstone of the concept, ‘freedom’; undeniable is the fact that, like the religious ‘knife-wielding’ fanatic, the gay man is not new and has never been, even in a wider continental enclave where such phenomenon has stormed scattered tribes and cultures.
Historical reality attests to such precision. It is hinged on the quite unquestionable need to first recognize the differences in genetical formations, backdrops and even strategies of self-attainment, the reality of which no one will reasonably argue against, even divine intuitions and prophecies.
However, the pseudo social being is yet to reconcile himself with that climate of human dignity, yet to surmount his hubristic supposition with a respect for others’ freedom, something he avows to be a certificate of his worth and validity as member of that baffling crossroad called humanity.
Still too preoccupied with his political will (if it is to render neo-colonial imperialism impotent) or afflicted with the whims of culture or inebriated by the endorsing compulsions of ‘religion’, the pseudo-human has lost all perspective, that as it pertains to the volition of his fellow human.
Of course, these same drowning claimers of standards are not themselves alien to the singular truth that whatever circumstances of birth, upbringings and opportunities make of each citizen is only relative but cannot be set as standard to determine his value, his entitlements from and obligation to the rest of society in the quest for appreciation and for social relationships.
But what if a culture that flourishes polygamy, tacitly permits its conceit, can argue that world efforts to resuscitate public health by restoring the dehumanized their robbed poise will ruin its sovereign identity in the global sphere; or what if a diverse colony of humans claim that their existence lies on the endangered precipice because of a less-than-equivalently-sized portion of it; it would appear that the pseudo Dervishes in this country are not alone. These rationally-reclined touts are no different than the bigots swelling tides of blood in the North.
In addition to Human Rights, there are also those other menaces that are concealed in this belittlement fiasco.
How can a nation subject a group of its members to grisly confinement, when it seems it has not and will not possess the tool to fully understand or reconcile the nature of the confined? Has the world here find the correct therapy for the gay man to be in dark defiled prisons?
In spite of the ridiculous on-goings, gay men, like pompous religious extremists, will continue to obtain a decentralised existence here. Like the author Chimamanda said, one cannot legislate a world that does not exist into existence.
If the resolve of a nation is to exhume its most mundane genes of intolerance and murder a sizable portion of itself in its timeless plot, I say Kofi’s expectations of ‘a twenty-first century defined by its commitment to the dignity and sanctity of every human life’ will find its grave somewhere on the Nigerian earth.
The predatory stance here begins with illusion, not the law. The law did not change anything, not the instinctive spite lodged in the marrow of our injudicious majority, not our ever-shrinking trajectory for culture. What the law has done is carve a totem of sadism and place it on the glaring notch for society, normal or abnormal, to defy.
It is righteous enough to append to morals and the need to operate on its implied counsels and various cogitations. However, the desire to ostracize, to castrate and to rob a race of its dignity so they might be evicted to a condition of animal reality, or rather reconciled to resort to defences worse than such is no part of that virtuous crest.
Let our very ideology of normality be our teacher. There is no mistaking murderous zeal for common piety.
A legislation that ignores the intrinsic quality of the multitude cannot be considered a just legislation.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Lyriversity.

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  1. Queenette Ekomaru says:

    In as much as I don’t support homosexuality , I don’t also support the so called jungle justice. My opinion as a Christian , homosexuality is a sin like any other sin, abortion, fornication, adultery, lying , killing, selfishness, hatred etc are all in one straight line with the so called homosexuality in God’s eye. But as far as humanity is concerned , jungle justice, barbaric killing, cannibalism are the worse kind of sin against humanity, anything you do that affects another person , draws blood, takes life of a human being is a grave sin against humanity. The worse is that this is done in an open space, while people cheer to the painful death of a human being. They are soiling our land and bringing generational curses to the land. Just like our first lady Dame Patience Johnathan said ” There is God oo”!!.

    • Oyin Oludipe says:

      Well said. It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it, as says Aristotle. True morality is in the courage to not splurge

  2. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    Thanks Mr Oyin for bringing this issue to the fore. This very incident happened in my street last two weeks. A boy was suspected of being gay because of the way he walked and acted. He was given a beating of his life and he had to jump down from a one storey building in order to escape his assailants.
    It is a pity that we nigerians have become our own worst enemy. Jungle justice and laws which have no bases with reality is widely encouraged. We let issues that are very trivial to become the centre piece of our lives while issues which requires urgent attention is relegated to the backyard. This to me is a pure case of illiteracy or educated illiteracy.
    I am not a fan of homosexualism, I can’t even watch two guys kiss on television talk of real life…but I have seen, heard and known happenings that are of far greater consequences than homosexuality. I have asked folks whether a principal/teacher who is sleeping with his female students, a man who forces his maid to lay with him, a guy who uses drug to get a woman to sleep with him…I have asked and still do ask if these crimes are lesser than Homosexualism. Two consenting adult males sexing each other is hardly a crime and has no victim, but the above mentioned cases have victims and offenders.
    It’s about time really that we re-examined ourselves and rediscovered-redefined what crime means in Nigerian society…or else one day the pagans will wake up to find that traditional religion has been outlawed by the predominantly christian-muslim citizens, or the rappers will discover that certain lyrics will get a certain number of jail time as decreed by the over-religious censor board, or the writer will learn that free speech, freedom of association, freedom to write is no longer as free because the society need not be over-heated. This is how it will start, little by little till we have stripped each other of our liberties…God forbid bad thing.

    • Oyin Oludipe says:

      I really must say that I had mixed feelings writing this. In fact, would prefer to speak not. On the one hand, advancing arguments to a rigid audience becomes a confusion of moral question. On the other, I’ld later get to resolve that objectivity is hardly the bedrock of the human mind. In fact, there is the danger of an irony (like you say) in the morality clause. For in them are enacted some of the most sordid sort of hooliganism thinkable for an offspring of virtue. And they must be addressed.

      Likewise, on a personal ground, I detest the ‘gay’ show. Fiercely homophobic. But it does not generate into hatred. Hatred is something my religion describes as the ‘tool of the unwise’. And really, it is unwise and a sheer waste of time to try and heckle all of humanity for its multiplicity.

      To co-opt Gimba, may God save us from us. Thanks for the comment

      • Phemmolaztikal says:

        There will be something queer about homosexuality only if, and only if, other realities in its category will be chastised as it has been for centuries. If people want a change, enlightment will be the right channel to plunge into, not criticism—never criticism—whether constructive or destructive for my money.

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