Posted: April 24, 2014 in Poetry
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by Anene Francis

For more than half a year,
My better half alone had to bear
The burden of nurturing you with care.
But her mood never lost its cheer.

Though I travelled here and there,
I made out time to know how well she fared.
Poor she. What more could I render,
Aside love and a supporting shoulder?

I was in high spirit waiting for you.
She and everyone that cared were too.
Even greater hands were raised to God in praise
On hearing that the one good shot recorded a brace.

Imagine what overjoy can make a man do
and cause him so much money to the hospital lose.
I was heavily billed for fracturing a nurse’s jaw.
In my haste to see you, I knocked her to the floor.

I was not bothered by that at all.
For you, I am ready to spend much more.
But not this. This is not what I bargained for.
You kill my sleep with your incessant night calls!

You cute little beings are something else,
Believing that you are surrounded by slave giants.
All you need do is cry and sympathy’s hands
Would grip us by the neck to obey your commands.

For five years, I endured my former roommate’s snores.
I just sealed my ears with pillows and that was all.
This is definitely different. Here I am helpless.
Even ear-plug, your high pitch cries are sure to pierce.

Well, we are alone now, in case you have not noticed.
Your mummy is out on an emergency visit.
Your grandma has completed her ‘omugwo’ stay here.
See? Its two against one and that’s not fair.

I once complained about you while we all dined.
Grandma then retorted with a comforting smile,
That I did worse to her than you two combined.
That revelation startled me into purging my mind.

Come you two bundles of joy.
Its no crime to pay me in my own coin.
Come sit on daddy’s laps, left and right.
Now I can’t but see you in a new light.

O my cute little burden of joy–
You a girl and you a boy.
Your humble servant is here at your service,
Not forever though but till further notice.


Anene Francis is a graduate of Geophysics. He is a part-time writer and hopes to do more with his new found passion. He writes from Port Harcourt and Owerri.

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  1. Anene Francis says:

    Twale !

  2. LegendaryCJN says:

    Hmmmmmmm! Nice read.
    I used to imagine what if Omugwo is man’s duty…won’t be funny at all.
    Women are trying shaa.
    I enjoyed.

  3. Adaka Timothy says:

    Burden of Joy OR Bundle of JOY???
    Make sure u don’t knock down d Doctor nxt time.

  4. Anene Francis says:

    You got the message right mr CJN (one of several sha). Appreciation of mothers/ women. Indeed, them dey try… Thanks man

  5. Anene Francis says:

    Yes mr Timothy, I’m sure he would be more careful next time.
    ‘Burden of Joy’ is order. Let me give you a hint. Verse 1&2, the man saw only joy. Verse 3-8, he saw only burden. Verse 9 was his eye openner/conversion. Verse 10&11 he now saw it as it really is; Bundles of joy that also come with some burden/ inconveniences, which he did well to embrace.hence the oxymoron, Burden of Joy… Thanks

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