MATTERS ARISING: When A Salt Loses Its Taste, what Value Has It Again?

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Articles, Matters Arising
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by Ugochukwu Austinoiz Nwaiwu

I personally chose to separate the title of this article from its body. A minute of disguise can soothe some often tempered curiosities here a bit. But it may not represent a total disguise anyway. Rather, I sought to invoke a biblical parable (call it a proverbial line, if that adds more colour to your thoughts).

My people say when authority is entrusted to one who never knew what value it has, the tendency to misuse such authority “breathes” oxygen like you and me…very high. (I infused my own expression into the
idiom, but whatever be the case, I believe you know what I mean).

Also, they said kings are not made but born. (maybe you can argue that, if you’re good in debates).

Obviously, I’m afraid of writing what I have in mind because I learnt “they” have recently started “flogging” justly querying journalists somewhere in Umuahia, so I don’t wanna be flogged/detained abeggggg…!!!

But rising above primordial sentiments, and clinging unto conscience have upped my liver to decide on penning this down.

First, let me say I couldn’t sleep the night I heard it that ex Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter “De Stone” Obi, days before he relinquishing power to Mr. Obiano, had handed over the chairmanship position of South East Governors Forum (SEGF) to a “brother” from Abia, Chief T.A Orji.
I could recall how I bowed my head in shame and regret that very night.
Regrettably, I couldn’t fathom the rationale behind Orji’s selection (sorry, election) as SEGF chairman. Could it have been determined by zoning, years spent in office, leadership acumen (I doubt he has this), or experience?

By his election, it means Gov. Orji is on paper now the Governor General of Ndi Igbo, a position that now empowers him to take decisions for the course of Ndi Igbo, both at the national and regional levels. And I said to myself, “chaaii!, when has the much-maligned-but-highly-industrious Ndi Igbo became so OK with the leadership of a Governor WHO DOESN’T CARRY LAST IN CARRYING LAST GOVERNANCE-WISE”?
I asked, where are the Gov. Martin “old warhorse” Elechis of Ndi Ebonyi, and the Gov. Sullivan “wife prisoner” Chimes of Ndi Enugu?
Having spent equal time in Office (almost 7yrs now) with Gov. Orji, couldn’t it had been better we settled for one of those “one-eyed duo”, than to settle for a “nearly blind Chief” from my neighbouring state, where 2011 election that got him re-elected for 2nd term was voted in well-policed bushes, private residents, and hotels?
What of the trying-but-much talking Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha?
Isn’t he fitted-in as the Orji, to be made SEGF boss, haven nicknamed himself “Owelle Ndi Igbo”?

Oh!, where were the Chief Jerry Igwariey-led Ohaneze Ndigbo Excos when this man was (s)elected as Chairman of SEGF?.
Could it be that they were “muted” with overflowing Naira notes (the
type the said governor often doles out to Okada riders at Afor Enyiogugu in Mbaise, Imo state, whenever he’s on his routine shuttles to Aso Rock via the Sam Mbakwe Airport, Owerri)?

For sure, a lot of murky waters must have passed through the bridge, for a Gov. Orji to emerge as SEGF Chief. But that’s history now cos I can’t stop nor pull him down now that he’s seated tight.

Same way I can’t stop him from manning SEGF, is also how I can’t stop him for relishing in what he does best –DELVING LEFT WHEN RIGHT IS AN OPTION.
Otherwise, how would one explain his hand-picking of a controversial
figure in ex-Senator and Chief from his Abia, Gen. Ike Umar Sanders Nwachukwu, to lead Ndi Igbo’s delegates to the ongoing National Conference.
I know many of you would be asking what’s wrong with the choice of the wise senator and ex military governor of old Imo state, to be made the
delegates’ leader?
But I would excuse the few, simply because they may be ignorant of what Ike Nwachukwu stands for.

In case you don’t know, Sen. Nwachukwu, born and bred in the North to an Abia father and Katsina (fulani) mother was a lieutenant serving under Gen. Ojukwu, the then commanding officer of 5 Battalion in Kano. At the escalation of crisis in the North which later metamorphosed
into the 1967-1970 Nigerian/ Biafran civil war, Gen. Ojukwu begged him to head home to form the Biafran military front but he objected, rather seeking refuge in the hands of one of his maternal uncles in Kastina, who was then a General.
This act of betrayal, much maligned Gen. Nwachukwu miles from Ojukwu’s mind in particular, and those of Ndi Igbo in general.
Infact the name IKE NWACHUKWU is and still remains synonymous with BETRAYAL in Igboland.
So tasking a man with such an unenviable record to lead Ndi Igbo’s onslaught to the ongoing national conference is not only dubious,and erronous, but also tragic, (if not a sign of failure even before take-off).

With Sen. Nwachukwu there, be rest assured that what could have been Ndi Igbo’s sole demand from the conference–An Additional State–is now a mirage.

Ugochukwu writes from Owerri.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Lyriversity.

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  1. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    Heheheheehe…Mr McLion you really got me laughing my ass off at this…you were quite comical, funny at the start…abegg easy before they use koboko on you,

    I see very well that you are a conc-Igbo man…still trapped in the Aburi-Convention era…trust me even Ojukwu when he was alive moved on..and he was no saint at all at all…Gen Nwachukwu being the Delegate head or whatever Makes no difference…Ohaneze Ndigbo is a self serving circus..that hardly represent the views of Igbos…and only Politicians or Ignorant folks want an additional state…we are okay the way we are…we need constant power, security. Education, infrasturcture and Good Medical facilities and not new state for politicians to loot…With that said, I must suggest you dilute the zeal of your Igbo Nationalism a bit, you are beginning to sound “Igbotic”…he smiles…those who know, know what I mean…Okwa ka oha mu n’ onu…+

  2. Kachi says:

    Ezeamalukwuo lMAO you just nailed this comment of yours mehn, all these idiotic people that feel they can just come up with articles just to gain recognition mstcheeew won’t mind if they flog him with that koboko jare…

    • Ezeamalukwuo says:

      Ah kachi noooo…Mr Ugochukwu is my close pal, and here at lyriversity we give opportunity to anyone with something to say, provided it is written well and there is proof to back it up.
      But hehehehehe…obi adighi mma at all.
      Thanks for reading…+

  3. Mr. Ezeamaluko, I like ur comment but I think we need equity state creation-wise than the perpetually-not-coming basic amenities. We can’t be OK with 5 states since minorities like South South and North Central geopolitical zones have 6 states each.

    Again, I think HAVEN is a word with a meaning quite different from HAVING, with the latter needed in place of the former. So I suggest HAVING is more suited to HAVEN in this article.

    As for Mr. Kachi, I don’t have to join issues with you cos the dude ignobly tagged “idiotic” had been doing writeups and short stories far bigger than this, years bèfore you know the meaning of IDIOTIC. So hv a seat and talk maturely cos ur comments depicts you are not one

  4. nosiri says:

    ugochukwu, i wouldn’t call you a fool, because you are not foolish. But i may comment that your reply to kachi was immature though. I am new to this site so i may not have seen most of your write-ups but the few i have seen dropped my jaws. But i will tow the part of Ezeama…(zzzzzz….), that ‘this’ article is too igbotic. In the interests of federalism, tone down on the biafraism. After all, its the igbo leaders who have failed us time and time again.

  5. Adaka Timothy says:

    @ Ugochukwu, it is obvious and clear that u have a personal beef with Abia state Governor in d person of Theodore Orji. Pls, approach this tackling in a more subtle manner .

  6. Anene Francis says:

    The comments herein funny die lol. I was pondering on how I would tailor my own comment but seeing the above comments, Om0 no need. Na me wan add salt to injury? Lol. Anyway, mr Lion your opinions are noted.
    * As I said before, we are learning from one another here, both those that post and those that comment… So let’s take it easy. No insults abeg (at least in the spirit of Easter)
    * Suggestion: “…looses its taste” > “…loses its taste”
    We are making progress. Keep writing bro

  7. Mr. Anene, your neutralism is well noted. Same goes for your suggestion.

    Mr. Nosiri, I still resist Mr. Okoye’s IGBOTIC and that of your BIAFRIAN tags on me. You may blame our past Igbo leaders for generations, as being responsible to our seemingly underdevelopment/batrayals at the centre. That’s true and understandable, but the bigger truth here is that those at the centre don’t want our emanscipation from their ill-treatments, at least for the foreseeable future.

    Mr. Adaka, Chief T.A Orji isn’t worth leading anything Ibo. He may be your Gov., but the truth remains that he’s the weakest arm amongst the 5 governing arms of Ndi Igbo…A FACT.
    And so, being what he is, makes him unfit to lead those who are miles ahead of the mediocre line.

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