COMMON GROUND: Parts of One Body

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Articles, Common Ground
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by Fiona Lovatt

From that single cell, from that union of egg and swimming DNA, comes this folding of exquisite perfection. The you and the me. That halving and halving, soon gave way to multiplication. We barely comprehend and thus those cells, once mere replicas of each other, became distinguished in their own right. Skin became skin. Bone became bone. Hair became hair. They took their place.
Organs formed, each having its own task and the task of working in balance with every other organ. Kidneys did not rebel nor seek to replace the liver. Spleen did not cry out for the role of heart.
The glands, humble and hidden, took on the assigned duties as a diligent and responsive chemists. Eyes saw, Ears heard, Tongue tasted first and then began to speak. Fingernails were not confused with eyebrows or arteries.
The formation of the body is an everyday wonder. The biology is a wonder.
We take all this for granted. We take our hands and use them as we choose. We direct our eyes to gaze at this and turn from that. Our legs we direct from here to there. We take the flesh and blood for our own purposes and believe we are in charge. Imagine!
Imagine what the human form would look like if we were personally in charge of all the changes that need to take place during puberty. Imagine if we had to concentrate to get that much right.
So people pump iron, diet or indulge, people push the body to extremes of action and inaction, to extremes of endurance. Yet the splinter beneath­ the nail may go septic and from the septic wound the entire body is infected. Do we ponder this?
Do we ask what it really means when we say that all of mankind is like one body? Are we conscious of the suffering and the sacrifice that goes on as each part of our human community plays their role in the universal family of man?
Every cell of the physical body requires water and the brain is greedy for it. Other cells will close down a little to ensure the heart keeps pumping. There is a level of reciproci­ty that we can learn from and to learn we should spend less time with opinions and heresy and more. And spend more time with information. Being informed may be the kindest thing we can do for each other in a world dominated by gossip and opinions.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    Lady Fiona writes with this child-like simplicity, so effortless that the immerseness of the truth, the reality within hits with such mildness and gentlity of an evening breeze blowing across a Sea Shore, that one can not but say “Here is where I ought to be, here and nothing more”.

    This is a good write up, the earth is like the Human body, composed of many a parts, quite distinct in appearances and roles…yet all necessary for the perfect functioning of the Human being. Yes we humans, black, white, brown, yellow et al are all like different components of a Mosaic…each contributing to the complexity and beauty of the painting. We need to understand each other, we need to appreciate each other…tolerate each other, respect each other…and we need not jump quickly to condemn and castigate each other, rather we ought to ask and to calmly listen.
    Nice work again Lady Fiona

  2. She always engages the mind… She’s a well spring of wits and wisdom… Bless you!!!

  3. Anene Francis says:

    Wonderful analogy this is. Very nice. You did engage my imagination while the message flowed…
    Just like the body, complex, made up of many members, each with different roles and even status, yet united. The beauty of division of labour, mutual dependency and respect. One may not fully appriciate the importance of something untill he loses it or its services. We should be concerned about the affairs of others even those we consider insignificant. What affects them will affect us also directly or indirectly, with time. This reminds me of the song “We are the World” performed by USA all stars for africa.
    (I smell fish in the closing lines lol. Noted)
    Keep blessing us dear lady Fiona. Nice piece

    • Fiona says:

      Thank you. The thorough feedback is always welcome.

      “The fish” is not a fish. It has the scent of fish – sometimes that happens with a woman – but it refers to the harm we do in expressing opinions (especially opinions built on other opinions), because we don’t need to be winning arguments.
      We are meant to “heal the world, make it a better place”.

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