THE BLACK FACT: The Annual Ritual of Independence, 57 years of Ghana’s Independence

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Articles, The Black Fact
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by Theophilus Nana Tsiwah

Once again the annual ritual of reminding ourselves of independence as a nation from British rule. On 6th of March 1957 a nation was born in sub-saharan Africa with her emblem “Freedom and Justice” boldly written on the faces of it declarers and citizenry. We made to comprehend our freedom from British rule and dictatorship. Indeed, the thrills, sounds and shouts of the thousands sent a signal of what “independence” meant. The flashbacks and scenes indeed sent a strong sign of a nation that had the spirit patriotism and true patriots walking the length and breadth.

The struggle for independence didn’t start with the era of the birth of United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) in 1947. It must be noted that the struggle to gain independence heightened between 1947 and 1949, that is the birth of the former political movement that of the later Convention People’s Party movement.

However, it must be keenly seen from an angle that the struggle to gain independence had two phases. One with the Proto-nationalism era of which The Fante Confideration of 1868 been the first of it kind of movement, it also saw the likes of the Aborigines Rights Protection Society of 1897 which sought to freedomise the people from foreign land dominance and so on. All these movements and struggles occurred before the first world war.

The other phase of the movement, The Militant/Radical nationalism happened after the second world war and the first Pan-African Congress, Manchester in 1945. It was within this period that independence revolutionaries imbibed, inculcated and indoctrinated with radical methodisms, a call for antagonistic posture towards colonial wing powers and as well the intensity of immediatist approach.

A man (NKRUMAH) from “nowhere” was spell-broken from his hide-out by “Divinity” to come to Gold Coast to lead the way which had already been paved by others. Despite the myriads of problems and thwarting antagonistic shades they encountered, so desirous and patriotic they were, it paid well on an unrelentless wings and so on 6th of March 1957 Ghana was born in the speech of the Osagyefo, “At long last the battle has ended and, thus Ghana your beloved country is free forever”. This meant the bondage of
Colonialism has been disentangled and the way forward was what all were seeking for.

At this very moment all were ready to go the positive way. Kwame Nkrumah the Prime Minister at the time laid conscious modalities to make the nation attain full Republican Status. In fact, all that a new nation need was to fly through the winds of quick transformation stream of the atmosphere. Concrete and realistic developmental initiatives were put in place which saw the realisation of the many things we are enjoying today. The unfortunate happened in 1966, which set this nation which was seen soaring high back. All efforts since then made heads in the abyss of the “dark”.

Anthony Obeng Afrane in his article, GHANA: THE WAY FORWARD TO DEVELOPMENT reminds us of a lot of things. He stated, “Africa is said to be notorious for its abundance in natural resources: iron, cobalt, bauxite, uranium, copper, silver, gas, diamonds, gold, oil, timber, cocoa, etc; and available fertile land for agriculture. The largest waterfall in the world, the Inga Falls in DR Congo has the potential to produce electricity for the whole continent of Africa, yet Africa is one of the poorest regions in the world with billions of its people dirty and poor.
Japan, a country so small, and who imports almost everything is one of the world’s largest and wealthiest economies; this clearly shows that land size and a large endowment of natural resources do not necessarily translate into wealth. So why is Africa so “poor” and other nations so “rich”? Colonization is certainly part of the reasons, but it has been several decades since most countries on the continent gained independence, and therefore, I believe we don’t have any excuse for remaining poor.”

The fact is that we are “paperly independent or say verbosal independence”, and that is why the forces of Neo-Colonialism are at work against us. Mental Slaverism has eaten deeply into the minds and hearts of many especially our leaders who tell us to be more patriotic. Inspite of the noise making, we are still dictated to and invariably directed upon to act in conformity to the whimsicalities and capriciousness of external forces. As citizens, we have less or no say in matters of “policies” that should affects us, all in the name of ‘Aids’ and ‘Grants’.

Today, 6th of March 2014, as we embark once again on this annual ritual of independence, we must all as citizens be reminded that we have a long way to go on the basis of us realising holistic development and full economic independence, thus we must as citizens do all that is in our power to make this aspiration a dream come true.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Lyriversity.

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