THE CONCLAVE (A Short Story)

Posted: March 6, 2014 in PROSE
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by Obiukwu Chima

The room was pitch dark only a single lamp hanging low over the round brown mahogany table gave illumination to the room. It had been my first time inside “Room Zero”; a room in which the most secret meetings with the president’s most trusted associates took place in the presidential villa.
I was just an advisor on agriculture, it didn’t seem a reality that one of my pedigree could be seated amongst the most powerful in the country. I cogitated while peering into the darkness searching for a familiar face. The excitement and tension was unbearable, the silence was unnerving, my mind was at battle with itself; trying to figure why I was in this room. My palms were sweaty like it were a flowing faucet and my heart beat was as fast as Hussein Bolt on the race track.
The only thing I could make out in the darkness was the military uniform of the one seated opposite me. He was a general in the army, judging from the stars and medals on his green khaki shirt. He had a large husky silhouette, the shape of face resembled a large toad sitting on a toad stool.
His deep, drawling, fey voice shattered the silence in the room.
“First wave has commenced” he announced.
A familiar voice interrupted just as the general was about to continue, it was no mistake the president’s chief of staff – Mike. A slight relief filled me, I was somewhat more comfortable, I knew someone inside the room, I wasn’t all lost.
Mike demanded the president be present before the commencement of the meeting since he convened it. Still insisting that the meeting wouldn’t go on, Mike made to stand up, in a quick flash, there was a flash and a bang. He dropped on the table, hands spread out, his cold eyes staring straight at me. The eyes was not as troubling as the tiny 9mm hole on the middle of his forehead, from which droplets of blood spewed. My God! the president’s chief of staff had been shot right inside the presidential villa.
The general leaned forward into the light, his face was as black as soothe. General Nzonzi; leader of the supreme military council.
He cleared his voice, and with such calmness like nothing had happened said “he flinched”.
Others around the table leaned forward, one by one their faces became visible. The service chiefs were among the familiar faces. Lastly a female face emerged from the darkness, it was the first lady’s; my sister. She smiled grimly staring at me. I could feel all the eyes in the room on me. The pounding of my chest could be heard a mile away, sweat trickled down my face. I had never been this scared my entire life. I didn’t want to flinch too, I had a young wife and a young daughter who needed me. I tried to steady my nerves, I tried to monster courage, I tried to stay alive.
All the while I kept stare on my sister seeking an explanation, a comfort that all is going to be fine.
Then it hit me, this was a coup, it wasn’t a meeting, it was my assassination, it was Mike’s assassination, it was the president’s assassination. We were the most trusted aides of the president, Mike had heard of a chatter and was going to tell me about it after the president’s emergency brief on the attack on the biggest military barrack in the country.
The cold steel I felt on the side of my head brought my whole life before my eyes. My daughter’s smile, my wife’s embrace, this was it.
I closed my eyes with both pictures of my girls burning against my eyes. Tears trickled down my face. At least let me die seeing the one thing that made life worth living and dying for.

“CUT…!!!” The director screamed. “It a wrap.”


Obiukwu Chima is a geologist who writes for fun, an ardent lover of art, an aspiring movie director. He is also a blogger at BryanChima . He currently lives in portharcourt, Nigeria.

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  1. Sheyzznote says:

    I love this! Wish I can write beautifully as this. More like I was seeing a movie…lol! Please, will there be a continuation of this piece? And if the author won’t mind, can I write a continuation of it; my own view of what did happen next? Lol! I won’t mind

  2. Likpo says:

    I love the twist, Awesome again!!!

  3. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    Obiukwu Chima has a way of writing that takes one’s breath away…the story is too real and vivid, and yet this story is not what it seem to be…great writeup.

  4. timnwaobilo says:

    Trademark Tom Clancy
    I need de full story

  5. Anene Francis says:

    Wow! Superb piece. I love the quality of the descriptions. Great work… I smh for the guy sister sha.
    Hm, Mr Chima is already practicing the attitudes of movie directors Lol. No matter how well the actors act out a script, they would still call it crap. I guess they do that to psychologically force the actors to push themselves to bring out the best they can. Una wicked o lol. Nice
    Suggestion: “The only thing I could make out in the darkness…” > “The only person…” since we were told he saw some other things (lamp and table). I may be wrong though.
    More powers to your elbow bro.

  6. Anene Francis says:

    I mistook “wrap” for “crap”… Those in charge, do modify the later part of my previous comment thus: “Hm, mr Chima is already practicing with movie directing jargons lol. Nice”…

  7. Noel Ijezie says:

    When I got to the part where the writer had a gun to his head, I also felt one imaginary gun pointed at me… You made it so real bro keep it up…-Noel

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