Posted: March 6, 2014 in Poetry

by Samuel Ugbechie

One day walked in with noise. A moment married to it.
A star, a little one, like what we’ve made out of our child’s.
And the star, turning right here, shifts all of her neck. Then returns.

If there’s a word—a phrase or a name for it, it wouldn’t be the birds’
Or the rivers’ or night. It would be the fever trees
Still facing the blue skies on the way
With pale cream fingers and barks. It might be the weather’s hands
Too or the eponym the land’s remembering.

But last year it was warm. And I found the dream I dreamed all day
Beside the rivers I never looked. A smoke hangs
And spreads her particles like oil and one truth will be told:

One thing always seems to go wrong. One vengeance.
And the love I held is love I’m begging for. Look outside
Your windows at the wading of the yellow-billed stork.
It’s graceful. She plugs her plumage perfectly.

And kneels with feet forward. And wades like wading’s all
We’re meant for. To puddle. To walk. And to swim
Across it. For tomorrow worries over it when we don’t.
So does the weather. But one day walked
In and another stepped out—the way the world has always been
Before we tried to hasten it. Before we tried to push it.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Anene Francis says:

    Ha! Several interwoven personifications here, that I could not tell which one isn’t again.
    What I think the poem says: worrying about bettering tomorrow’s weather(?) is not worth the stress. It can’t be perfect.
    My opinion: If not for man’s negative interferences, earth/nature balances itself out, weather conditions included. Yes, unfavorable weather conditions (vengeance) are inevitable from time to time. It is part of the balancing process. As it stands, we have a say on its trend. We must ‘worry’ and ‘help’ in the balancing else the vengance would be more… Pardon me if I’m off track.
    I kind of like the figures of speech. Good work

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