MATTERS ARISING: When Jonathan Becomes A Spectator In Owerri

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Articles, Matters Arising
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President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

by Ugochukwu Austinoiz Nwaiwu

Those who swim through the turbulent current of our political Ocean, know fully well that the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, came for a one-day Official States visit to Owerri, Imo State, last saturday, Feb 22nd, 2014 (Well, forgive me for the phrase Official States Visit, you can call it OFFICIAL PARTY VISIT, since he came solely for Imo PDP, and not for Imo State Government and Imolites).
He came to officially welcome back to PDP five (5) “political jumperists” in the mould of Ex Imo Governor, Chief Achike Udenwa; former senator and serial gubernatorial contender, Sen. Ifeanyi Ararume; serving Senator representing my zone (Owerri Zone), Sen. Christiana Anyanwu; Chief Mike Ahamba, SAN; and lastly ex Chief of Staff Government House under Ikedi Ohakim, Chief Cosmas Iwu.
Powerful political “witch and wizards”, mighty enough to invoke the “ghost” of our “Oga at the top” to Imo.

I wouldn’t judge the rights and wrongs of Jonathan’s visit. Those who are abreast with Imo politics should judge.

Many will argue that a president never visits a state without duly informing the state governor, or being invited to officially commission completed projects.
But I will say he was duly invited, but by whom? By Imo PDP, of course. He also commissioned “projects”. Didn’t you see the 5 human projects named above?. What a satiric-cum-rhetoric question!..He smiles.

President Jonathan in Owerri

President Jonathan in Owerri

President Jonathan in Owerri

President Jonathan in Owerri

Since I used the word SPECTATOR to qualify someone in my title, you
the reader only naturally suspects of an ongoing duel between two teams.
One team, captained by the state governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, has Imo Progressives and his party, APC as its players. This team, I dub
The other comprises of all the PDP Stakeholders, Godfathers, 2 ex Governors, National Legislators and Imo-born Aso Rock appointees as
players. Here, all are captain, and I notoriously dub it the ABUJA-BASED.

Since Okorocha and his HOME TEAM forcefully wrestled power from the
ABUJA TEAM in 2011, Imo has daily being inundaunted with politics of propaganda and counterpropaganda, attacks and counter-attacks. The exchange of verbal fisticuffs are going unabated. All manner of insults and assaults fly cross the battle line from both sides.
And unfortunately, the tirade-trading isn’t ceasing any time soon, rather it is ascending its red-hot pinnacle.
Reason? Elections are here. So expect more fights, even in your state. Here I mean you, the reader.

But as an objective writer, I wouldn’t be lured into taking sides (even though I had long taken that secretly). Rather I’m here to look at the sides of the political battle and how it affects the general well-being of the led (Imolites).

Former Governor Achike Udenwa

Former Governor Achike Udenwa

To start with, from 1999-2011, Imo State was entrusted onto the governance of the PDP. Under Achike Udenwa (1999-2007), Imo saw dividends of democracy sparingly. He focused mainly on road constructions (mostly in his Orlu hometown), and the construction of the gigantic Imo State Secretariat along Port-Harcourt road axis in Owerri, but he fluffed more of our money on “patching” his leaky pocket and those of his political
godfathers. To say the least, his governance was poor.

Former Governor Ikedi Ohakim

Former Governor Ikedi Ohakim

Under Ikedi Ohakim (2007-2011), a man I fondly nicknamed OHAK, Imo saw some lights in terms of cleanliness. He gave us buses, kimkim, keke; few roads in Mbano; some redecoration of roundabouts and roads. This was a man we never knew prior to and after the polls. Abuja threw him on us, and we wholly accepted him (maybe our votes had no say then, did they?).
On a personal note, I loved Ohak dearly because he paid my parents salaries as at when due. But he became powerdrunk along the line; flogged all whom his Okoboko can reach; skyrocketted Imo tertiary institutions’ tuition fees. These and many other sins got him and his PDP severe estrangement from Imolites.
At the 11th hour, he threw money to “Men and God”, but alas, that didn’t remedy his battered image before the electorates.

Governor Rochas Okorocha

Governor Rochas Okorocha

Under Owelle Rochas Okorochas (2011-date), Imo saw a new light. A rescuer that has being giving Imo what PDP didn’t give in 12yrs. Talk of the Free Education at all levels; Erections of new school blocks in 305 wards of Imo; Countless but-not-too strong roads across the state; New Govt. House; Urbanisation of Orlu and Okigwe suburbs; New Medical Centres in the 27 LGAs of Imo; New School Dresses,Books, and desks to pupils and Secondary School Students; Regular salary payments. Indeed the list is endless. Rochas is really rescuing Imo. No wonder then that Jonathan deemed it fit to personally come down to mobilize “more troops” strong enough to oust Rochas from Douglas House come May 2015.

But can they succeed in it? Will Imolites allow such? Can anyone influence Imolites with “Heaven and Earth” to vote against a man who’s rescuing them? Surely, I doubt it. Unless he’s not seeking re-election, but I suspect he will.

Lets watch out

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Lyriversity.

Ugochukwu Austinoiz Nwaiwu, a geologist by training, is an
Owerri-based freelancer on political developments. He doubles as a
social critic.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    So much for not disclosing who you want to support come 2015…you (dis)closed it very well. Since Rochas jumped to APC I have little or no respect for him…but with all the titans coming against him, I believe he remains the best option, unless Martin Agbaso decides to join the race. I don’t know much about Agbaso though but from hearsays I think he is capable. Your writeup is a bit biased and more or less a campaign for Rochas…anyway 2015 is well around the corner..let see how this will play out.

  2. bryanchima says:

    Mr. Austinoiz, wonderful article. You say you aren’t biased but the entire article tells differently – “as an objective writer I wouldn’t be lured to taken sides”-.

    You obviously have issues with the PDP and GEJ camp. You should have just come out openly and lambaste them.

  3. Anene Francis says:

    Indirect campaigning! Lol… very much allowed but don’t claim objective writer yet bro.

    * When the president travels to represent the country, that’s official visit. Aside that, he is very much free to go where ever he pleases if only it does not impede on his duties and does not jeopardize his safety unnecessarily.
    * The level of good performance of a political office holder is first a function of his personality and conviction to serve, before party affiliation and other interferences count. If Rochas was in PDP, I don’t think there would have been much difference in the level of achievement.
    * Come 2015 and subsequent elections, I’ll vote for the best among the aspirants no matter how well the incumbent may have performed. No sentiments, only the best. Rochas is doing good, better than his predecessors, but if I see an aspirant that I’m convinced would do better, my vote goes to the person even if its KOWA party lol.
    Nice article. Keep it up.

  4. Chimezie says:

    Yes. On track brother. I was in school when I saw two helicopters junketting snugly in the sky. Some people told me that the President is present less than a kilometer away at the PDP H.Q. But how does that concern me? I don’t give a hoot whatsoever about, especially, the president and his party.

    As to the your view on Rochas, I stand with you bro. The man pays my school fees and that’s as much as any Governor can do for us poor people. Human Development. That is what matters. It’s the best thing a ruler can do, Democracy-wise.
    I am for Rochas, now and always. I don’t like it when some non-imolites criticise Rochas. They know nothing of what he’s doing. They should fucking shut up!

  5. I have taken my time to observe views of 4 no-less great writers, and I have decided to guage your comments thus.
    @ Mr. Okoye, Mr. Bryan and Mr. Anene, I may have guffed by claiming to be “an objective writer”, which somewhat I didn’t live 100% up to in the article, but I inserted a veil side-pitching clause in the article. That was carefully pegged to hold me afloat in case of “drowning”. Truly I have a side I support, as revealed by my last two paragraphs, but I don’t think I should be wrong in pointing out the true state of things in Imo now than the Pre-May 2011 era, and subsequently giving wanton praises to whosoever merited/merits such.

  6. Again, Mr. Okoye, thank God you said you don’t know much above Imo politics and Chief Martin Agbaso. So let me give you Agbaso101 lectures.
    First, Agbaso is a drowning figure in the present Imo political setting. He’s so down the pecking order now to the extent that mere State Assembly Members like Speaker Uwajumogu, Dan Ikpeazu, Pat Ekeji, Eudora Igwe etc, are now more politically “inform” than him.
    Secondly, the APGA Agbaso singlehandledly brought and nurtured in Imo is as good as DEAD. Its majority plunged into APC with Rochas, while a minor segment followed Sen. Christiana Anyanwu back to PDP. The reminant can’t breath well again. So if Agbaso is to hinge on the reminant to vote him into Power come 2015, he may well be chasing a far gone mirage.

  7. As for Chimezie, I thank you for seeing what you see and get share of. APC or no APC, Rochas has much eaten dig into Students, Civil Servants, and Trader’s hearts and It will be very hard to unseat him by anybody come 2015

  8. Mr. Okoye, you’re welcome. Truly you’re doing great things. You spiced up the articles with good pictures, not forgetting the tags you added for me. I’m quite grateful. Thanks once again.

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