THE BLACK FACT: What Africa Needs is not Foreign Aids, but True Independence

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Articles, The Black Fact
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by Theophilus Nana Tsiwah

“Mau Mau” a term believed to be an acronym in Swahili that means, “Let the foreigner go back abroad, let the African regain independence”.
This was made by Dedan Kimathi during his struggle for independence in Kenya. I think that Kimathi’s movement of Mau Mau still applies today here in all Africa countries.

Today, most Africa countries be it former British, French, Portuguese or Belgian colonies are still living under the shadow of servitude in independence or fragmented independence.

Independence is a holistic venture. It includes all wheels which run a nation. It embodies the entire social, political, economical, religious and cultural spectrum of a people and nation. Can this independence be deemed as what truly engulfs our nations and continent? I guess, this simple rhetoric needs no pondering over to give an answer; No.

The “Mau Mau” movement sought to demonstrate against the infringement of the right of the local people in areas of life concerning their lands, culture and governing.

Taking a look at what is happening in Africa today, everything tells us that She needs to regain independence. The people of South Africa have their lands in the hands of foreigners. Robert Mugabe the last liberational pillar in Africa had to embattle white dominance in order to restore the land of his people in Zimbabwe.

Economically, Africa is living in the shadows of “no win” in the battle field. In fact, our entire economical set-up is dictated and architecturally manned by those same foreigners whom we claim we had independence from. The World Bank and the IMF keeps dictating our economic policies. In fact, we are still the pre-independence “puppets”.

Isn’t it so pathetic to note how our very own culture have been quashed to nothing. Our identity has gradually dwindle. Black women and men living on the Africa-land no longer value their skin. They deem black skin as a mistake by the creator, thus, the daily bleaching of their skin. Our people no longer admire their dressing as well as language.

Our political and national aspiration is in the hands of foreigners. We are under the whims and caprice of the international and foreign watchers. We as a people still work tirelessly to institute principle in terms of political endeavour to please those whites. Our elections becomes either credible or incredible from the reports of these international observers. Some Africa countries that have being torn apart and destroyed is as a result of these same observer reports.

Isn’t it fair to state without any shred of doubt that, Africa needs to regain independence. The independence fought and won by our Liberation Leaders who are no more has really fallen into the gutters of nothing.

The many problems fraughting our nations can only be salvaged, or we can find lasting solutions to the myriad of problems impinging on our prospect to develop as nations and continent if only we understand that, indeed our independence needs to be regained.

Indeed we have gained independence but to regain true independence, this must come from a conscious revolutionary modalities and strategies which is based on conscientising the African to enable him understand that the independence we are priding ourselves with, which even go to the higher extent of celebrating it as part of our national holidays has totally fallen or put it has shrink into the sands of white control.

“Mau_Mau” Let the white go back abroad, let the African regain independence. Africa must regain independence.

Long Live Africa!
Long may her nations prosper!!


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Lyriversity.

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  1. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    This is a very good writeup….African Independence is not Truly Independence, a look at French West Africa will tell you that those countries are still under colonial chain…the folks there still look up to Paris as the capital…we need a radical revolution…a political as well as economic emancipation to be truly Independent.

    I do not agree with your stance on Mugabe…Africa is not only for Blacks…we need to start seeing everyone who bears the same passport, the same burden of being an Africa (forgive me for that) as an African…the white owning most of the farmland is not really the problem…but the welfare of the majority…sharing the lands between white and black is not a bad idea…but totally taking the lands from the white and handing it to the black, that’s alienating a good percentage of your countrymen, that is making them feel less than African…telling them to go back…that’s too absurd. Ppl run to european and america becos despite the racism, the environment is far more hospitable than ours…We need to improve our society and not make it worse.

    True Independence is what we need, and it requires a special form of education…Government and private individuals should focus on quality all round education that aims at improving our mental reasoning…we need mental and cultural revolution as well…to be able to achieve that.

    Nice writeup again, just stating my reservations.

  2. Thats wonderful submission coming from you #Ezeamalukuo. In all honesty, I must state that Africa still needs a re-birth to see transformed.

  3. Anene Francis says:

    African countries gained independence but many countries are still under colonialism, mentally; The mentality that we can not do ‘anything’ on our own or our own way. This is fueled by ignorance and our consumer mentality. When we aim at self sufficiency, especially in basic needs, foreign interferences and manipulations would decrease appreciably. The truth is this. They need us. We need them but not they expoiting Africa.

    Seconding mr Solar. The white in Africa should not be treated as foreigners. Africa may be majorly black but the white minority is part of Africa just the way black Americans are rightly part of America. The migration or slave trade that caused the mixing is no longer important. Racism against whites is still racism.

    Very good write up. Keep up the good work sir.

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