MATTERS ARISING: Whats Valentine’s Day All About

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Articles, Matters Arising

by Ugochukwu Austinoiz Nwaiwu

“For this was on Seynt Volantynys day,
When every bryd comyth there to chese his make”

—Parliament of Foules (written by a 14th Century English poet,
Geoffrey Chaucer).
“For this was on St. Valentine’s day,
When every bird cometh here to choose his mate.”

With the above quote having historical roots to the man (St. Valentine), many ascribed as the Patron Saint of married couples, romantic lovers, the blind, the persecuted etc, and having a day in his honour, universally set aside for the expression of ROMANTIC LOVE, often marked with the presentation of flowers, candys, offering of symbolic red heart logos as greeting cards, the exchange of confectionaries etc, it is important we note a few things about the man.

A SNAPSHOT ON ST. VALENTINE—His Life, Offence and Execution. According to the Church’s (Catholic) book of Saints and her Martyrologists (experts in the study of lives and times of Saints), little was known of Valentine. His surname, date of birth (though around 200 AD) remain unknown. However, historians have traced his origin back to Terni in Italy. He is one of the two known Martyrs and Saints, who bear the very name; Valentine, but separated from the other with the name, St. Valentine of Rome.
He was a Roman Priest (though many translucent views claim he rose to the rank of a Bishop), and worked as a missionary under the reign of a Roman Emperor Claudius 2nd. Accounts have it that Claudius 2nd was a tyrant warmonger whose desperation to win at all cost, drove him to institute an EDICT which forbade young and unmarried Soldiers from marriage, to enable them to be psychologically alert on the battle field. According to the emperor, married soldiers are so fearful of death.
However, to saturate the must-occur sexual orgies of his young men, Claudius 2nd often gave out 2-3 maidens per Soldier to romp on, during their celebration nights (mostly when they are victorious).
Irked by this sheer flagrant carnality on the part of the young Soldiers (according to Fr. Frank O’Gara of Dublin), St. Valentine, moved in to curtail this ugly act that promotes fornication/concubinisms, by secretly tapping up the soldiers to come
forth with one of their “sex tools” for marriage. But alas, the lid of those secret marriages blew open and he was arrested and Jailed.
His death came, majorly because, he resisted the treacherous overtunes of the Emperor to convert to Roman Paganism, but instead turned the table around by attempting to Christainize his “convertor”. Of course,
such guts got him a 3-part execution process of BEATING, STONING, and BEHEADING.
Martyrological accounts said this happened on a February 14 of either
269 AD or 273 AD. But before his death, he healed his Jailer’s (Asterius) daughter, Julia, of her blindness (a move that saw Asterius and his 44 member family became christians after Valentine’s demise), and subsequently dropped a note he addressed to Julia, signed with “FROM YOUR VALENTINE”.

What a lengthy snapshot you would say!…hahahaha.
Well, it became necessary to draw up substances from the man’s story to back up my claims on what an ideal Valentine’s Day should be.

As we go out today to mark LOVERS DAY, it is important to realize that what we know this day for, is partly or wholly not what it should be.

First, we have been told different versions of how St. Valentine encouraged romantic love and by extension sex, by should-know-better souls. YES and NO is the answer. He encouraged romantic love and sex, done within the context of a vow, MARRIAGE. Not out of it.
Note, he gave up his life just to stop serial out-of-wedlock fornications.

Secondly, we have over time been confused by the British authorities, who screwed up what Valentine stands for. They often cited the note Valentine wrote to Julia, which he signed with FROM YOUR VALENTINE, as a show of his romantic attraction to the maiden…A cruel lie!! Valentine was only attracted to Julia by virtue of filia love, being his goddaughter. He had nothing to do erotically with the girl.
Also, the above short poem written by Chaucer in memory of King Richard II’s 1st engagement anniversary with Anne of Bohemia in the 14th Century, defined the LOVERS DAY we know today as romantic.

While the romantic attachment may not be totally wrong, the configurations we gave the day as a day set aside to show off our strengths in bed, bench, sofa, mattress, or even in a bush corner is utterly mundane and appalling.
St. Valentine isn’t a saint of immaturity, and shouldn’t be seen as such. Neither should his execution day (Feb.14) be used as a day for “big bangs”. This isn’t the love the man fought and died for. Even if it was, it is strictly for married couples. That’s what St. Valentine stood for.

And finally, the saying that United Nations (UN), approved 14th February as a day for a “free-for-all-romp”; that’s all spurious and make-belief…lies.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Lyriversity.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    It is a pity that valentine has been commercialised, just like anyother thing or event in human life today…but the sexual-painting of Valentine is quite ironic…I believe that Valentine day should be a day lovers, family, society should sit down and think about their love for each other and to work upon where it is that they are failing.
    Nice article

  2. Anene Francis says:

    It is very obvious that many things that were originally good or had good intentions are now turned upside down. The person that mean well for himself now have to desist from them are tread with caution.
    The word ‘lovers’ has several meanings but recently it is increasingly restricted to mean ‘sexual partners’. I’m more comfortable calling Val day ‘day of love’ instead of ‘lover’s day’ so as to cover both those in romantic relationship and others that are not… I still advocate for sex within marriage only. Happy Val in arrears. Lol
    “…sexual orgies of his young men…” > I think you meant ‘urges’
    * “…treacherous overtunes of the Emperor…” > ‘overtures’ maybe
    * “St. Valentine isn’t a saint of immaturity” > ‘immorality’ maybe.
    Very good write up. Ahead ahead bro

  3. Thanks Mr. Okoye . As for the ” ironical sex-painting” of Valentine’s Day, I see the irony as an ironical too….He smiles!. But beyond that, I Geoffrey Chaucer and his Co. English poets intended gigs or better still, a ridicule with the above poem. I see it as trying to blackmail St. Valentine as a secret romantic lover of Lady Julia.
    But I believe, the world knows the truth, even when they don’t openly say it

  4. Mr. Francis, it was nice hearing from you. I have always admired your corrections (both on mine and on other people’s). They’re highly inspiring and calls for more rapt editing. Thanks bro…Your views I uphold. Sex for only married couples

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