Posted: February 13, 2014 in Poetry

by Soonest Iheanyi Nathaniel

… Heart of glass… Heart of stone…

On lonely weekends,
I eat green onions,
Put on my blue suede shoes
And ask myself;
‘Do you want to dance?’

By waterloo sunset,
I wait to see the bad moon rising,
And at exactly the monkey-time,
I steal away;
Get on the road again,
And board the night train
Headed for the right place at the wrong time.

There I drown
And fly mountain high.
I do the moon dance
And share a holy romance
With my heroin(e);
I am a wanderer
With locomotive breath,
So I say to myself,
‘I’ll be home soon.’

By my window,
For me the doves cry.
They say I’m losing my religion;
I think they’ve gone paranoid
Like my Chinese android.
They fear
That for me cometh soon
The angel of death,
They think I need a personal Jesus;
But I wonder,
Why waste sympathy for the devil?

I’ll light sixteen candles
For old Freddie
Who is dead,
I’ll say there goes the ramblin’ man.
I’ll sit and watch
Over his sleepy head,
And stare at the picture of us
That could but never were wed.

You ought to know,
Only women bleed,
But I am no natural woman;
Just a scot in skirt.
So save me your respect,
Just plant the tares among the wheat
And wait for the never coming harvest.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Chimezie says:

    Cool, modernist poem.

  2. Anene Francis says:

    China phones, paranoid? Lol…
    Heart of glass > broken hearted woman from losing her fiance. She gives in to wayward lifestyle, catching fun in unguarded manner.
    Heart of stone> she is unrepentant, repudiating persistent preaching to her… 0m0 she needs serious prayers o.
    Nice poem. (but where is the peppermint na? Lol)
    Keep it up.

  3. Nice one.
    Its softness is well pronounced, the minor intercalations of humor galvanized your melody.

  4. At Anene Francis: here is the twist… the persona is not a woman and the love bemoaned is of a lost gay lover. more pepperminty twist in here.

  5. Anene Francis says:

    “Just a scot in skirt” lol… Interesting clue. I asked for peppermint not knowing there are more twists. Google told me peppermint twist is a type of club dance sha.

    (Ehen, Oga where have you been na. E remain small I for go NTA declare you missing o. Left me chocking many times here and elsewhere with accolades meant for you I was forced to swallow back. Anyway, Nnoo)

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