Posted: February 10, 2014 in Poetry
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Mwiya Kawanambulu Maggiesbaby

I stood under the shade of the mu’ngongo tree
and stared out at the lash greeness that seemed to stretch
out for eternity and touch the sky at the horizon.
I was where I should be
and the calm in my spirit confirmed it.
I was home and without seeing them I knew
that the spirits of my ancestors were joyed.
A lost son of the land had returned.

The barotse flood plains had never looked this beautiful
not even in the memories that I had and that with time
seemed to begin to fade.
I was home, kwa haye, kwa bulozi, the place I truly belonged
and whose beauty was today magnified as the mid afternoon sun
shimmered off the waters of the plains.

Folklore has it that on some nights
a strange bright figure roams the plains.
Surely it must be Nyambe Yo Muhulu because the barotse flood plains
are truly a slice of heaven and must be the gardens
he strolls through every so often.

The land I call home is breathtaking.
The people I call my kinfolk wear the most charming of smiles
and are so warm hearted.
Nyambe surely gave them this place they call home
because they are deserving of it.

On the Zambezi, they paddle their canoes with bright smiles
and break out into cheerful roars of laughter.
That truly is how people should be.

The Lozi, the people I belong to
are truly a beautiful nation of people.
Starring out into the plains my soul is humbled
to be part of the beautiful land and people.

*kwa haye means my home village.
*kwa bulozi means land of the lozi.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Mwiya, I love the aura with which you embellished this poem. The way and manner your people were depicted illustrates the beauty of 1 than -1. Again, it shows your people to be industrious, happy and life-loving.

    You did well, bro. Kindly put me on line if my views distort the ones you shared here.

  2. Anene Francis says:

    Relishing on the beauty of your homeland and the pleasantness of its people.
    Very beautiful poem. It kind of gave me bilocation powers… This is almost like a tourism advertisement. *packing my bags, going for a vacation to Zambezi plains* lol
    Great job

  3. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    An ode to your people indeed…I love this..great work.

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