MEN OF ARABIA (from The Journey of the Soul chapter 9)

Posted: February 9, 2014 in Poetry
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by Okoye Chukwudi Charles Ezeamalukwuo

An excerpt from the poem “The Journey of the Soul” chapter nine…this chapter tells of the conversation that took place between The Spirit (the soul’s guardian) and the soul on their spiritual journey. They encountered the men of Arabia working, and the following transpired.

So, on we move into the night
Into the gloom, the shade of light
We journey a mile and further
To Pharaoh-land, to the border

By the Mediterranean
We see the men of Arabia
Excavating a lost city
A port filled with pores and pity

All their efforts appear futile
And their sweats make the sea fertile
They worked and wore and wore and worked
Yet in failed dream, their hopes do walk

“Where are we? What are they doing?”
I ask my guard. “Alexandria”
He does say to me, still moving
“Great city of Alexandria.

“They wish to resurrect the past
The wisdom and knowledge of past
This place used to harbour great men,
But now: a desolated glen.

“They believe ’tis a sacred ground
A place where all knowledge abound
They wish to reconstruct the past
And perhaps gain comfort that last.”

“But the past is past and ’tis gone
Present is here and almost done
The mechanism of time is simple
For time runs still in a circle.”

“Time runs in a straight line,” say I.
“Yes!” he says, “To the mortal eye,
But whatsoever goes around,
Surely still, will come back around.”

“The streams and the river embrace
The sun steals a tear from each face
Then the sky falls the tear as rain
And the cycle begins again”

“If that is true,” I say in pain
“Then all Man’s effort is in vain
For nothing remains eternal”
For no dream will last forever”

“For if the abode of the wise
Can be subdued and in shame lies
Then nothing remains forever
Then no dream will last forever.”

“Nay,” He replies, “Love is patient,
And eternity is patient.
He who shall endure to the end
I will call my own and my friend”

“It’s easier for you, safe above
I say quickly, unconvinced,
“It’s easier to speak about love
When your heart and pain have not kissed.”

To this he stopped and smiles, saying
“Love made you a man and living
And binds me to you here staying
And made grace to you be given.

“The tempest shall come with the sea,
The shores shall recede leaving you
A void might form where faith once be
Then red fire will wane and turn blue.

“Slowly slowly the streams gather
Little by little a sea formed
Then the shoreline recedes further
And soon your home becomes a pond

“Yet if faith bid you leave that glen
For the hilltop, to seek a home
Perhaps you shall find among men
Another glen, to call your own.”

I turn to the men, convinced
Knowing failure and they have kissed
And I can see that sweat and storm
Both from their brow tread a lone line

From their faces, in thousands they fell,
Precious seeds and silvery balls.
They fell from their spirit to hell,
There to be frozen in time’s halls.

“Can’t we warn them, that this is doomed
I say, “Can’t we tell the full moon,
To help them in one way or two.”
But he replies, “This task they chose

“We are here as passing strangers
And on we shall go as strangers.
The past is past and it is gone
Present is here and almost done.”

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  1. Anene Francis says:

    I am running short of words to describe this guy and his works. This piece is a bundle of delight. Amateur poets like me can only gaze with mouths open wondering when we would achieve such height… Proverbs of some sort, rich in meaning encased in poetic treasure chest. Beautiful…

    Apparent futility in chasing some set dream. It may not be failure. Maybe it requires more time and perseverance or achieving such dream does not match destiny. (How is one to tell?) Difficult it may seem, but for a right course, help from above sustains… one thing is almost certain. Hardwork pays or will pay… drilling for oil but ended in a dry hole is not loss all through. At least more experience of where not to look again is something lol…
    Mr Solar, you too much. (HBd)

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