MATTERS ARISING: Fall-out of Mariah Carey’s gig in Nigeria (Are Radar Online and Her Bloggers Psychopacthic?)

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Articles, Matters Arising
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Marriah Carey Performing in Lagos, Nigeria

Marriah Carey Performing in Lagos, Nigeria

by Ugochukwu Austinoiz Nwaiwu

If you had followed recent National developments, and most recently, my penultimate article here, the story that Mariah Carey got N200m for a gig (which is no news in Nigeria anymore). It has happened, and the “pyroclastic dusts” it raised is fast settling down. As well, the heads (Aig-Imoukhuede and Access Bank Plc management), we (cynics) crushed with “bombastic” swipes has been nursing their wounds behind the scene.

Of course we have forgiven and forgotten the melee-harbingers. Haven’t we? Yes, We have.
What retentive and unforgiven memory do you expect a people daily “entertained” with scandalous and often apocalyptic news and events to have, if not one for a short lived reaction to unceasing actions? So as to enable us attend to myriads of other attention-seeking news.
So when psychologists say Nigerians mostly have warped,and often short-circuited brains, don’t throw stones on them. They might be on point. But it’s largely not our making, you know?.
After all, “dem say na condition make crayfish bend.”

However, it rather amounts to stupidity on the part of a US-based Gossip website, RADAR ONLINE and one of their unnamed God-forsaken blogger, to opine that Mariah Carey was hoodwinked into performing in a clime where financial crime reigns such as Nigeria.

Hear them:
“Given that she was performing for bankers__it seemed that Mariah wasn’t aware that Nigeria is well-known as the centre of the World’s email and financial crimes”.
As if this stereotyping isn’t enough, the Radar Online blogger went further to say; “Nigeria is even part of the name__as in Nigerian 411 Scams”.
Then, hammering-in the final nail on my beloved country’s coffin, the writer ended with the following weighty punches:
“Nigeria is the hub of human trafficking, hence Mariah Carey shouldn’t have accepted to do a gig in a country known for terrorism, death and fraud”.

Spicing up the already spurious claims, the blogger cited the United Nations, and CNN as both saying; “In a country where mass killings are going on in two of her states__a violence being ignored by her federal authorities; Systemic corruptions; and police brutality reign supreme, Mariah should have outrightly rejected the Nigerian Bankers’ overtures.”

My people, did you hear all these sheer misrepresentation of issues; hypocritical attacks and swipes; public show of madness; and total drunkness, etc, exhibited by the blogger and Radar Online’s handlers?

Ordinarily, I would have opted not to join issues with this pit-bottom ignoramus. It’s quite a futile act.
But for clarity sake, it is important I say these few universal truths:
*The blogger clearly misfired. Instead of attacking Aig-Imoukhuede (as we all did) or even his/her desperate dollar chasing sister, Mariah Carey, he/she chose to attack an Innocent country.

*is America not known as the CAPITAL OF CRIMES? A nation where a foolish youngster wakes up one morning to snoff lives out of school kids, can not ascend any morality ladder more than Nigeria.

*A country where free access to guns and drugs has turned her youths to daredevil gangsters.

*Can the U.S single out any entertainer of theirs whose life is CLEAN? Here, I mean a crime-free act.

*The so-called stolen money which past and present Nigerian leaders
stacked in banks overseas (US to be precise), has any of it been remitted back to us, as the Swiss did? Ain’t America razzmatazzing comfortably on those loots?

Obviously, I didn’t come here to debate with the WITLESS BLOGGER, but facts have to be told.
Yes, Nigeria is corrupt. We know and condemn it everyday. We don’t need another Cock-head to remind us of that.

By the way, America is no better. Obviously, its corruption is even OLDER than Nigeria and Nigeria’s. Same goes for the “desperate-to-do-a-gig-in-Africa” sister, Mariah, who can’t keep her ass back there in the States, but rather goes about, begging for Made-in-Africa Dollars.

Oh! The fading music star, few hours after pocketing $1m from Nigeria for a 10-hour concert, left for Angola to do another 2-hour concert also worth another $1m for their Kleptomania-in-chief authoritarian, José Eduardo Dos Santos and his Multi-millionaire daughter, Isabel?
We haven’t forgotten that she did a lucrative gig for slain Libyan “god”, Muammar Gaddafi, back in 2008?.
A money she ate to the last, before shamefully apologising to whoever cares to listen, that she regrets singing for the dictator.

I will end this by saying that Mariah Carey, the “All I want for Christmas is You” crooner, who now doubles sarcastically as the “All I want for Christmas is Made-in-Africa Dollars”, can’t seem to get enough of Dictator’s (sorry, African) dollars.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Lyriversity.

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  1. Thanks dear Admin, for editing and publishing my work. But you “over-editted” it, to the extent that some sentences were either disjoined or lacking in meaning e.g sentence 1 and the third to last paragraph that began with an “oh!”, originally meant for the second to last paragraph.

    Ordinarily, I would have loved it if you had only uploaded the pics and let the article be, as I painstakingly editted it 3 good times before forwarding it to you.

    Well, the deed of today has been done, so let’s keep it cool with the next article to come.

  2. Anene Francis says:

    Mr Lion, I really commend you for this write up.
    It is a known fact that Nigeria have been given a bad name in many respect. Much of the blame falls on Nigerians, individuals and groups, past and present for many wrong doings within and outside the country. But the truth is that the degree is now grossly exaggerated no thanks to the media and co. The blog site whose article you quoted and reacted to is just one of many. I will refer you to an article here in lyriversity: ” A Look at the Literary Clime”. Most writers are not out to make positive impact but to make money only. Many bloggers use what ever means, good and bad, to draw attention and publicity even if it means publishing lies, rumours, any thing the targeted audience wish to hear. The blog site in question unfortunately achieved that. You just gave them free advertisement lol.
    I have read a lot of such degrading speeches and comments before. The recent one I read was in a speech where a US Republican likened the Obama care as fraud similar to Nigerians’ email scan (sad). They call it freedom of speech. I have learnt to ignore such statements. I believe our ministry of foreign affairs is tasked to check and sanction such where appropriate.
    * “…throw stones on them…” > ” throw stone at them”
    * I’ll repeat this but now with a plea. Please take it easy on the insulting terms bro.
    More power to your elbow.

  3. Thanks Mr. Anene for your advice. It is well taken. Same also goes for your correction.

    Meanwhile, it is disheartening to acknowledge the wicked fact that many bloggers now blog derogatory posts aimed at people and nations to just “buy” cheap popularity. Funny enough, these people are so akin to stocking fire, and lying in wait to receive the swipes from readers.
    These controversy seekers are just happy in their games. At least, controversy begets fame (as you rightly pointed out).

    May God have Mercy on them.

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