Posted: February 4, 2014 in DRAMA

by Tim Nwaobilo


Adanma- Widow
Silas- Widow’s husband
Ikenna- Widow’s brother-in-law
Chinyere- Silas’ cousin (village women leader)
Kelechi- Widow’s mother
Roberts- Doctor


(phone rings)

ADANMA: Hello, who is on the line?

Dr. ROBERTS: Yeah, I am Dr. Roberts calling from Orji Memorial Hospital. Please, sorry to bother you, are you Mrs. Adanma Chinedu, wife to one Mr. Silas Chinedu?

ADANMA: Yes, please. Can I help you?

Dr. ROBERTS: Not really, madam, but there is a slight problem.

ADANMA: (apprehensively). What is it?

Dr. ROBERTS: Your husband, Silas Chinedu, was involved in an auto-accident this morning—

ADANMA: (interjects, shocked) Jesus!

Dr. ROBERTS: (continues) —at around ten o’ clock. He is lying severely injured at the hospital.

ADANMA: (sounding confused) When did this…what happened to him…how…ok, which hospital did you say he is in?

Dr. ROBERTS: Orji Memorial Hospital, 15 Kaduna road, Onitsha. (Comfortingly.) Madam, please take it easy. It will be better if you leave right away to come and see your husband.

ADANMA: All right. I’m coming, but how is he doing?

Dr. ROBERTS: Madam, come and see your husband now.

ADANMA: I’m on my way. (Jangling of door keys about 5 seconds later indicates Adanma leaving the house).


ADANMA: Excuse me—

Dr. ROBERTS: (interjecting) Mrs. Chinedu?

ADANMA: Yes, doctor.

Dr. ROBERTS: Follow me.

(Beeping of ECG machine in background).

ADANMA: (in shaky voice) Honey?!

SILAS: (in low, strained voice); Sweetheart, I…I…love you.

ADANMA: (sobbing), I…love…you…too.

SILAS: Take care of the children (beeping of ECG machine increases in pitch and then slowly starts to die down).

ADANMA: (miserably) Honey…don’t go. (Screams.) Honey! (Bursts out wailing).



KELECHI: Here, have some water.

ADANMA: Thank you, mama.

KELECHI: As you were saying—

ADANMA: (sorrowfully) I was holding a pot of food over the stove when the phone rang. I answered it and the doctor told me that my husband…was…involved in an accident less than an hour. I kept praying that it was a lie as I rushed to the hospital. But when I got to the hospital I saw Silas…he was bandaged all over. (Lamenting.) My God! why me? Why me? Why did you have to take my husband from me? Why? Why?

KELECHI: (comfortingly). Take it easy, my daughter. God gives and God takes.

ADANMA: (shouting). No, mama. No! It is very unfair. Why should it be Silas? There are bad men out there, not Silas. He was a good man. (Starts crying.)

KELECHI: Adanma, it is well. Take it easy. You are not the first to experience such a nightmare. It’s ok. Take this hanky. Wipe your tears.

ADANMA: (sniffling). It’s like he was just waiting for me to come before dying. He told me just 2 things before he died. But it was the second thing he said that hurt me most. He said he loved me. I was happy he loved me till his final breath. But the second thing he told me…he told me to take …care of the children. For God’s sake, how can he just leave me like that with the children, and then say I should take care of them? With 2 of us, it was hard enough, not to talk of with me alone.

KELECHI: But you can’t blame him. It wasn’t his fault.

ADANMA: I know, I know, but… (Resumes crying.) If only that truck driver had been caught, then I’ll be rest assured he’ll be spending the rest of his life in jail for…killing…killing…my husband. (Sniffles.)

KELECHI: How did the accident even happen?

ADANMA: He was going out in a taxi. They said this truck driver suddenly swerved his truck and went straight for the taxi my husband was in. A head-on collision. It was too sudden; they had no chance to escape it. And just like that, my husband, my life, my joy, my…everything went; just like that.

KELECHI: He must have been drunk. These truck drivers, instead of keeping a clear head in the early morning, they drink their eyes out.

ADANMA: If not for a ‘good Samaritan’ who rushed my husband and the others to the hospital, he could have bled right there.

KELECHI: Don’t cry. You have to forge on with life. The children need you to be strong for them.

ADANMA: (miserably). Aargh! death. Now I am a widow. Silas, you have made me a widow.



ADANMA: My son, go and boil some water so I can cook breakfast. Tell your sister to go and sweep outside the house.

CHINYERE: (swish-swash of sweeping broom). Eh-heh, come. Small girl, is that your lazy mother still sleeping? I’m sure she is. She sleeps all day like a bat. She had better wake up.

ADANMA: (door creaks open). Chinyere, how are you, how was your night? Did you—

CHINYERE: (interjects sharply). Just hold it there. Who are you greeting ‘how was your night’? Of course you know how my night was. When will you get tired of flying at night? Our blood will purge you.

ADANMA: (shocked). Chinyere, what are you talking about?

CHINYERE: Yes! Until you stop flying at night and looking for whom to destroy and whose blood to suck, you will not have rest.

ADANMA: Did you come here to sympathise with me or to accuse me and look for trouble?

CHINYERE: If you were not flying about at night, why are you still sleeping at this time?

ADANMA: I was crying all through the night for my husband.

CHINYERE: (sarcastically). Crying? Even the lizard cries for its mother.

ADANMA: If you have come for nothing but to make trouble, please leave me in peace.

CHINYERE: You will not have peace till you tell us what you did to your husband.

ADANMA: I can see you have come for trouble, so I will not answer you.

CHINYERE: So, do you mean you slept on that bed? You are mourning your husband and you are sleeping on a bed? Imagine! Quick, get up, you have no right to sleep on a bed while your husband’s mourning days are not over.

ADANMA: What have I done to you? Chinyere, please leave me alone.

CHINYERE: If you don’t get up from that bed, I’ll go and call the other women, then you will have it the rough way. So just get up from that bed to avoid your children seeing you disgraced.

ADANMA: So if I don’t sleep on a bed, where should I sleep? On the ground?

CHINYERE: Yes. You will not only sleep on the ground, but you will always sit on the ground. But I will be merciful to you and give you a mat which you will use on the ground. Ifeoma, bring that mat here. You will use this mat from now till you are done with mourning your husband. Get up so I can take the mattress away. You will not see it until after one year.

ADANMA: (begging). Please—

CHINYERE: You are wasting my time. I’ll send someone to come and pick the mattress. I’ll come back tomorrow morning. Nonsense.


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  1. Quite interesting. The outlay and it’s characteristic suspense are off the hook.

    Bro, I can’t wait to catch glimpse of your “movie’s part 2”.
    I just hope it would command some depth as this first part oh!. I wouldn’t appreciate a flat and predictable pt.2.

    Nice writeup anyway.

  2. Anene Francis says:

    Chai! Man’s inhumanity to man, adding salt to injury…
    Nice play, motional and captivating. Good work… Subscribing

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