MATTERS ARISING: Between Aig-Imoukhede’s Love for Mariah Carey & Reality

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Articles, Matters Arising
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Left: Aig-Imoukhede, Right: Mariah Carey

Left: Aig-Imoukhede, Right: Mariah Carey

by Ugochukwu Austinoiz Nwaiwu

For over a month now, I had waited keenly to hear the views of Nigerians on this raving national embarrassment, spitefully concocted and served to us 160million Nigerians by the outgoing Managing Director of Access Bank Plc. Nigeria, Mr Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede. But sadly, I have heard little or no swipes directed at him. And of course, I’m not so elated over the development, so I have decided to pour out my “venom” at this Access Bank MD, and face the music (that’s if there is any to “macabrely” dance to)

Well, in case you ain’t aware, the man in question, had on Saturday the 14th of December, 2013, spent a whooping $1m to pull his screen goddess and rather fading US singing sensation, Mariah Carey , 43, to perform live in Nigeria in a 10-hour concert to mark his bank’s end of the year party-cum his send-off party as a vacating MD.

You hear that? $1million for just 10hours, frittered out to a living-in the-past artiste…My Gracious God!!!

I really want to analytically look at this, this way. First, how can a financial institution’s MD hand out a massive $1m(N170m), and another N30m in airlifting and hotel expenses for Mariah Carey, her entourage and band group, all totalling an eyeball-popping sum of N200m, just for a 10-hour fun? Get me right, I am not saying he has no right to hire and pay for any amount to whoever he wishes to have sing for him. Indeed he has, (but if and only if, he does so with his hard earned money). But coaxing his bank’s management to do so in his honour, with people’s funds invested in the bank is nothing but scandalous, wicked, insensitive, and a sheer misuse of power and authority.

Furthermore, one is being made to ponder the rationale behind this “it’s-Mariah Carey-or-bust” lust of this Bank MD, considering the fact that his bank recently (3 weeks before the 14th Dec. bash), laid off 200 employees from its work-fold, for reasons best known only to poor performing business owners, thus adding this to already existing 1,500 sacked barely a year ago (now 1700 bankers blown away to the winds).

Just take a critical look at the messy situation the bank hierarchy had found themselves in; they needed to cut cost because their bank is on the backfoot business-wise by sacking 1,700 bankers, but found it wise enough to plunge an astronomical sum of N200m to the Atlantics, just to satisfy the fantasy and orgy of their chief’s mind and bodily quest at having a “beauty queen” perform live on stage for him.

They maximised profit by laying off 1,700 breadwinners in barely 12-months. 1,700 that have families averaging six(6) (mind you, extended family members who depend solely on the above number are not even included). Thus denying well over 1700 x 6 (ie 10,200) souls of quality living, sound future, good dreams, progressive aspirations. They sent them packing from their zones of comfort, robbed their kids of quality education, parental care, and many more.

Aig-Imoukhuede never thought over what polarity, the laying off of 1,700 bankers would cause to the already polarised and oxygen-low labour market, by this singular act. But had money to throw around when that sum could have empowered well over 400 unemployed youths (at N500,000 each) for life…what a waste!

Mariah Carey Performing at Access Bank End of the Year Party, Lagos

Mariah Carey Performing at Access Bank End of the Year Party, Lagos

Mariah Carey Performing at Access Bank End of the Year Party, Lagos

Mariah Carey Performing at Access Bank End of the Year Party, Lagos

But even if he had to mark his send off party lavishly (as has often been the modus operandi of influential Nigerians), should it had been wise to earmark a hefty sum of N200m, just to catch glimpse of a fading foreign act?
Speaking patroitically, wouldn’t it have been wise to get our top acts in the mould of Tuface, D’banj, P square, Wizkid, M.I, J martins, Olamide, Phyno and many more, who not only would have taken a paltry average of N5m act to make it rain on him all night, but also rate higher than Mariah Carey on recent International musical acts scale. That clearly shows that Aiboje isn’t as Nigerian as he makes Aso Rock and us all to believe, putting into scrutiny, his perceived ambition to succeed Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, as the next CBN governor, come June.

I don’t know what many of you readers may think about his ambition. But bet me, if this man makes it to the CBN, he will make our Naira a laughing stock in the International Market, as he would prioritise “Owambe nights” to revamping our economy. And you know the likely outcome…DISASTER!!!

So my two pieces advice to Mr. Aig Imoukhuede would be: First, go home and rest after your tenure expiration at Access Bank. Forget about CBN governship job, before you lay off all the bankers in Nigeria, and run our economy to comatose with your Mariah Carey-like owambes, which you can even make monthly or worst still a weekly thing.
Secondly, if you wanna watch your “tin god”, Mariah Carey, perform live on stage routinely, please relocate to the States, and follow her hall-to-hall every friday with your money, and not with Access Bank investors’ money.

Ugochukwu Austinoiz Nwaiwu, also known as MC Lion, is a social critic
and political commentator. He is a geologist. Today he writes from Owerri, Imo state, where he is currently residing

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Lyriversity.

  1. ive just read this post and i am perplexed by the extent to which the orgies of one man could jeopardize the future of many. with the plethora of Nigerian artistes for him to choose from and save much needed funds, he opted to satisfy his whims and see his TV fantasies come to life at the expense of people’s tomorrow. Even if he used those funds to sponsor a talent hunt or a reality show or even a mortgage plan for low cost housing for civil servants with help from the government. there is no limit to which $1m can go to helping achieve the social responsibility of the bank. I rest my case

  2. Vaischancellor, the man made an unprecendented mockery of himself and his bank, with this.
    To be frank with you, had Nigeria been a clime where public office holders resign the post after a minor dents on their image, this man would have been gone/mobbed out for long.

  3. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    reading this made me so angry…i have to google it with speed. what is this country turning into…
    some folks praise Aig because of the unprecedented growth recorded by Access bank…but they hardly ask how he achieved that. most bank hire all year round, youths who are 24 years or less because they are unattached, hence less pay…while they lay off older workers who have over the years increased their experiences, their attachments and their payload……every bank is doing it today.

    i heard some banks now have more contract staffs (corpers, interns etc) than regular staffs….contract staff equals say N2ok to N50k monthly without promotion while regular staff equals more than N100k…
    which way Nigeria…….+

  4. Anene Francis says:

    I’ll try to avoid assumptions as much as possible. I will not fault the bank’s outgoing MD for the senseless extravagant spending. I fault who ever or which ever group that approaved such budget, most likely the bank’s board of directors. If such an amount was spent on an artiste, imagine what the whole party budget would have been. Yes, it is the bank’s money but why not spend much of it in ventures that will benefit the people you are serving and/ or yield you more profit in the long run?
    Gaddafi of Libya did similar thing by inviting Beyonce to his party with $2m. In 2007, formal minister of education celebrated his birthday party with N50m while ASUU strike was in its 4th month.
    No argument, Aig did exellently well for Access bank while in office. But the bank spending that amount for his send off is uncalled for. Its your money sha but remember fate will judge us all.

    Please note these little corrections more important to me:
    *” …that has families… ” > ” …that have families…”
    *” So my two advices” > ” so two pieces of my advice…”
    * Easy on the insulting terms bro. We know you are angry sha.
    Good write up mr Lion. Keep up the good work.

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