Posted: January 30, 2014 in Poetry

by Adebayo Michael

I have broken words with the gods
in deadly grooves and shrines
watching their agonies
at the new converts
starving them of rites
feeds and drinks…

I have sat for dinner
in the house of the gods
and watch them drink their bloods,
black, scary liquids.
I watch the procession of tears
and the gods don’t cry tears
but in the confines of their loneliness
they wither and falter
feeding on dead ordinary remains!

Were they not our ancestors?
Were they not the builders of our walls?
Were they not the centre of our culture,
the hero we grew up loving?
We neglect them
in coldness and hardness
and run after foreign gods…
oh how hypocritical we are,
savouring the music of the west
that had costed us of sanity.

The gods are dying
our home breaking
The Niger has lost its sanity
and we, the children, stare blindly
at the fallen groove
and the untended walls of Sango,
and at the rust to Ogun’s iron we laugh
we commit a heinous crime
burning the beauty of Ifa.

I have broken words with the gods
and they vowed to neglect us
and make us pay
for the pains and starvation
The dark shrines are burning…

I have sat for kola
at the high shrine
listening to the wailing of the gods
and the gods don’t cry tears but blood.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Anene Francis says:

    This is a very nice poem.
    @the poem’s message: we have abandoned our culture and religion for foreign ones and would pay for it, the poem says…
    My thought on its message: culture is dynamic to meet changing times. Dropping bad aspects and taking up good ones are encouraged. This may mean borrowing aspects of foreign cultures. The core aspect which is the mark of identity should remain intact. The mistake we are making is borrowing every thing about foreign cultures, good and bad…
    * Also note, our culture and traditional religion may be intertwined, but there is a distinction. I may sound selfish here, choice of religion is personal, culture should not. Protecting our heritage is a duty we owe our fathers. I Hope we retrace our steps, because we have failed… / Nice poem once again. Good work.
    (Culled from previous comment)

  2. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    Great African poem…I love this piece…great work.

  3. Poem so deep. Its dope. The symbolism, appeal and conscienceness is par excellent.
    Wow! Purely African.

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