MATTERS ARISING: A Banana Republic

Posted: January 24, 2014 in Articles, Matters Arising
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by Ugochukwu Austinoiz Nwaiwu

“When the evil wind blows through a house’s window, not only are the
occupants blown away, but also the window. Of course, a house
short of a window has lost its beauty partly…”

Well, don’t ask me where I got the above adage from. I guess it sounds
quite unpopular when searched for in your collection of adages, but
not to worry, I made it.

Well, I bet you all have heard that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP
had on last week thursday, sacked (OR will I say coaxed to resign
under duress?) her Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur.
The ouster of the 79yr-old man made it a record 9th man to be thrown
out of the red-hot Wadata Plaza sit over a period of 14yrs.

PDP as a party, initially had a constitution that allows it’s National
Working Committee, NWC members a-2yr single term, liable for renewal,
right from August 21, I998 when its pioneer chairman, Dr. Alex Ekwueme
took over.
However, a 4yr single term was instituted shortly after President
Jonathan succeeded the then deceased Musa Yar’dua in 2010. A move that
brought Okwesilieze Nwodo in.

But one thing is quite peculiar here. None of the 9 men ran out a
single term talk more of two terms, as can be seen below:
1. Dr. Alex Ekwueme (Aug. 1998-Nov.1998
2. Chief Solomon Lar (1998-1999)
3. Chief Barnabas Gemade (1999-2001)
4. Chief Audu Ogbeh (2001-2003)
5. Dr. Ahmud Ali (2004-2007)
6. Chief Vincent Ogbulafor (2007-2010)
7. Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo (2010-2011)
8. Dr. Haliru Mohammed (3months)
9. Alhaji Bamanga Tukur (March 2012- Jan.2014)

After a curious analysis of the tenures of these ex bosses in office,
I found no better SATIRIC PHRASE to tag the PDP, other than calling it
Surely, It is a house with a floor so slippery that the “roughest
shoes” can’t get a foothold of it without doing the
expected….crumbling like a pack of cards.

But, I’m not surprised at all and I can never be over this. The myriad
of intrigues and powerplays that go on at the Wadata Plaza on daily
basis can move mountains, talk of a mere man.
In case you don’t know, lots of interest must be protected or heads
will roll. The “gods” will demand for their sacrifices, which must be
met unconditionally.

However, being the masses’ man, I’ve come to realize that why our
leaders can’t guarantee us all the dividends of democracy our taxes
can provide. The reason is pretty simple: millions of political belles
must be fed.
We all bore witness to the numerous political imbriogolios Tukur found
himself in, majorly because, he was acting out the scripts written at
Aso Rock, while weaving the Governors and Lawmakers apart. When the heat was excessive, we saw how he “ran amock”, even with the jerrycans of Aso Rock Ice block been showered at him…what a pity!

The battles of the PDP chairmen
have replicas in every office of our polity, and as such, the
interests of the people will always assume backseats at the expense of
those of political stakeholders and godfathers.

God help Nigeria!!!

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Lyriversity.

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  1. timnwaobilo says:

    The PDP house is truely a condominium that alters the souls of its dwellers and turns sages to madmen. Every macabre dance of theirs as seen with the public eye puts 1 extra clog in the wheels of Nigeria’s development. Cos whether we like them or not, the PDP are in control and till they are outta office, their whims and polarities define our collective existence.

    God bless Nigeria.

    Your adage…
    “When the evil wind blows through a
    house’s window, not only are the
    occupants blown away, but also the

    Dont you think “When the evil wind blows through a
    house’s windows, not only are the
    Windows blown away, but also the occupants…woulda bin more logical? 😉

  2. @ Timnwaobilo, you really got the heart of the article, and in extension, the true state of the nation, in your comment. It is obvious that it is he who plays the piper (in this case, the PDP) that dictates the tune, and even the dance steps of the dancers (Nigerians).
    As for your chips-in on my idiom, it is well noted. However, it is also right to say that A B or B A=X.
    Shebi your memory card still dey sharp unto commutative law tinz, abi no be sooo!!!?

    • timnwaobilo says:

      True Mr Ugo.

      Hehehehe … ur idiom may be commutative, but not distributive. So if we cannot generally dispense the essence of your adage over a wider course, then I would rather we stuck with the/my more logical adage proposition.


  3. Tinwaobilo, your mathematical memory card is very active and distributive…so you win. Your logic, I buy

  4. Anene Francis says:

    I see, another meaning to banana republic. As regards politics, I have been at the backstage. Anyway… You said
    PDP Party agents and even those occupying high positions are used and dumped at will for the interest of the party ( mostly anti-masses)… good to know
    Nice research and deductions. (from the 9 men list, some of them before 2010, seem to have stayed up to 2years sha)
    Your ‘adage’ get k-leg o lol
    Nice write up. Well done

  5. Yeah, some overstayed e.g Ahmud Ali and Audu Ogbeh, simply because Baba ran the PDP then as a family enterprise, not necessarily by the provisions of their law. He had the penchant to hire and fire at will

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