Posted: January 23, 2014 in Poetry

by Tares Banigoe Oburumu

We are gathered to the sphere
And swirl of a Northern breeze,


Against South-Eastern tides.

It howls through broken branches
The forest denied worship (a god
breathes abroad).

Its texture is love inseparable.
Blown upon Savannah’s skin–
— with August fineries.

We are gathered in subjects,
In mist, mirror-bright.

Painted, the poet’s gaze fixedly
Hazed out in the morning stretch
of sweetened October;

Thunder-throes discolour.

Eye of the soul’s dormer window,
I watch from sunshine to a tangle
of clouds breaking in the open;


Gathered for the Last Horseman
of a hanging apocalypse,

To nurture his gallops trundling down Heaven-Sixty-yard-Acre,
To march in great hooves.

Pound on an Ark made of white-woods
And green main-sails:

Sand cast now on the running rivers;
Ballasts chained to feet of age-long

TARES BANIGOE OBURUMU is a Poet & Activist who writes
from Warri, Delta State.
His poems have been published
in online magazines in Nigeria
and in the U.S.
He is currently working on his
debut collection of poetry.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Faeo Lyre Clive says:

    The Taresian.

  2. timnwaobilo says:

    Plenty of curves got my brain winded out
    I need some explanation/review

  3. Why don’t you contact Chika Chimezie for the review, bro.?

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