Posted: January 23, 2014 in Poetry

by Deepak Choudhary

Keep chasing me
In the city
Without doors

I climb up
The stairs of
The hill,
I climb up to
Get away from them,
But the stairs get

I weave stories,
I create soliloquies,
Strategise conversations,
I wear smiles like
Shirts to hide
My pegged disgust
Keep climbing up
Soaked in sweat
Oozing from my
Cracked prayers,
But the stairs get

The moon often
Comes to my rescue,
Hiding me
In its arms
But I fail to miss
The shadows
Surrounding them
Eyeing me
For yet another

“Deepak Choudhary is a polyglot poet, editor, translator and social activist based in Delhi. He has been writing in English, Hindi and Maithili for over a decade. His poems have been published in journals and magazines such as **The Indian Literature, Indian Africanist, Gagananchal, etc. He has also translated more than 100 African and Afro-American poems in Hindi.”

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. timnwaobilo says:

    This I love.
    Its ironical how The Moon which causes shadows is itself The Saviour, providing its arms as The Rescue.

    This is a poem.Simple.Intelligent.

    • Deepak Choudhary says:

      Thanks dear Timnwaobilo… your response to the poem is truly heartening. Yeah, the poem has a certain ‘political’ angle which lends it an ironical tinge. A common man’s journey of life is often marked with volte faces and sudden reversals which come too frequently at times making the going tough and the existential trail difficult… The objectivity of such a perception may be refutable but it appears rather valid in those contexts where ‘objectivity’ as a set of established truths is susceptible to some genuine questioning…..

  2. Anene Francis says:

    Nice expression of shadow.
    Permit me to give another meaning to this… fruitlessness in trying to change situation seeming impossible to change. On a second thought, failure is itself an experience, better than making no effort at all, else how do one know which one is impossible? … simple but beautiful poem

    • Deepak Choudhary says:

      Dear Anene, thank you so much for offering a fresh insight through your reading and interpretation of this poem… It’s gladdening to come across such an original interpretation. This, I suppose, is what a genuinely creative reading of any literary piece is all about….

  3. Mr. Deepak, it’s obvious the moon (answer to prayer) doesn’t chase shadows away entire. As far as life exists on this planet, there will always be needs (shadows), together with its sharp contrast and cleanser (the moon).
    Quite an encouraging few lines.

    • Deepak Choudhary says:

      Thanks Ugochukwu… Your interpretation is pretty sound and convincing. What I wish to add is something very simple. If ‘shadows’ are the incessantly multiplying needs we keep grappling with, and ‘moon’ is the ‘cleanser’, then we can’t forget that the ‘cleanliness’ of the ‘cleanser’ needs to be kept intact as well. It’s here that we notice a new need emerging from the phenomenal advent of the moon on our existential horizon….

  4. robertjw4688 says:


  5. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    This is brilliant…I love the imagery created in this work…the shadows and the effect of the moon that causes the shadows…both inter-related but in contrasting role in this poem….we run, trying to outrun the shadows that lurk in the chambers of our heart but can we ever exist without shadows?

    • Deepak Choudhary says:

      Dear Ezeamalukwuo… I feel truly privileged. It’s so encouraging to go through your generous response to my poem. In fact, it’s this question which I feel lends my poetic expression its leitmotif, its crux, its quintessence. I’m thankful to you for reading it with so much of sensitivity, perspicacity and depth of understanding…

  6. Alabi Rasheed says:

    wow, cant run from your shadow man. Even the moon has its shadow

  7. Deepak Choudhary says:

    Dear friends… My blog PATHETIC FALLACY is always within your reach. You can visit it and read more than 300 of my poems. To access it , you can use the following link:

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