ABOKI CHILD (A Nomad Child)

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Poetry
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by Zaratu Kudu

On my own pyres of dreams, I see
Beyond the grazing of cows.
A name beyond the word “almajiri”
A life beyond the huddles of hungry bowels.
Life I bade true valediction.
I lull dreams for leisure,
The only pleasure worth sitting for under a scorching sun.
A sight I see, slowly waning
Not the sight of edibles nor wads….

For I am a clay to knowledge,
Only he can mesh me to reign or ruins.

Mother Earth, My lousy mother,
She pecks at me no more,
For all the lushness of her beak
They lay in my palm.
I no longer await her calling.

Gather your pails for I’ll make you
Wail to your master’s calling..
Then I’ll kneel and close my eyes
Not to pray but to wait…

Another day in the huddle, the few steps
I take not for alms nor sales.
The steps they hold sacred, the steps
That dare my whole being.
Today day I’ll bear them like my head-load of cheese
And caress them like milking a cow’s nipple.

That which I seek,
That which made them fight
Yet I’ll strive…

Once on prickly pebbles and stones,
Most prickly than cactus nor the heat of a desert.
Now I’ve found that which is worth wallowing for..

I graze upon white roses and green plants,
Nurtured like the weaning calf,
I am no empty gourd….

I mock starvation, not that she begs
She envies…

Now my oblong head wears a crown of wed-lock
I’ve chosen penury for a spouse…
Every sand of the hour glass plays a lyre for me,
Not a sad note.

I have a lake of stars,
No moon but I am crescent.

I can now suckle at the mountain’s nipple.
Eat and Dine like Midas
Yet I am no King…
Make the world snap like a twig
I only learn
Still I bear the brows of a Nomad…
An Aboki Child.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. 6gozi says:

    This is an object of virtue!

  2. As a passerby, I can only thumbs u up for this well struck poem

  3. Moses opara says:

    Beautiful poem that depicts reality and the suffering of these almajiris under the clouds of starvation and poverty, and mental obtuse… Nice work. Nice dictions and metaphors. You did well. Smiles.

  4. timnwaobilo says:

    Okay? Okay.

    Sweetly penned.
    But whats the title again? I laughably forgot the title of the poem. Not cos I am growing senile but I tried to thread title and poem while reading and failed. Had to re-read to find the connection, at least for my reading efforts.

    Variety is the spice of life,innit?

  5. Anene Francis says:

    This is very good…
    A poor almejiri kid, in a very pitiful condition, left to fend for himself at a young age, yet nursing a hope for a better tomorrow which seems all the more unattainable with each passing day, so he chooses to submit to fate, making the most out of the terrible condition (by going into crime?… not sure)

    Suggestion: In this line ” …milking a cow’s nipple.” changing nipple to teat would be better. same meaning but rhyme better with cheese

    (To avoid misconception, I think the Hausa word ‘Aboki’ has a different meaning from that portrayed in the poem)
    Nice poem, very emotional

  6. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    This poem touches me, carresses me with the emotions that it produces…the realities it shows is too vivid. I like it very much, have read it like 7 times now..Great Work Zarah.

    And I don’t really agree with Anene on the Substitution of Nipple with Teats (Tits). I think the rhythm is Okay like it already is..but I agree that The Title Aboki is kinda Ambiguous…

  7. Zaratu Kudu says:

    Thanks Guys..Your comments,they inspire me to do more.

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