Posted: January 16, 2014 in Poetry
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by Tonye Willie-Pepple

I have had a troubled night
Sweet sleep has let me down
I have wondered about a lot
if you too will leave me torn

I have seen many a tree
Grow well by the riverside
I have seen green leaves too
Fall down before their time

Were you and I a tree
What river will grow us well?
Were you and I green leaves
How long will we green on?

If kisses can prophesy
How long the lips will lock
I would that it be dumb
and lock till time is naught

I loathe many a thing
Love lost,is one of them
How, many “I love you too,”.
Fade away with passing days

We can promise the mango tree
That fruits will grow next year
Will we as days pass by
Manure it in truth and love?

We’re bridges on this great sea
And love to cross ourselves
Many have gone this way
Can our bridge be strong enough?

For tides and waves may rise
Salt water may splash the mouth
Will lips that said those words
Repeat them with salty taste?

Think well dear darling girl
Think deep Oh loving boy
Will we keep true to that-
Which we profess today.

Tonye Willie-Pepple, an Ijaw from Bonny Island, Rivers State, holds a degree in Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Some of his poems have appeared in Sentinel,Kalahari Review and Magazine of the Poetry Foundation Ghana, In 2013. He won the “Pen/Saraba Prize for poetry”, He lives in Port-Harcourt with his family.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. sheyzznote says:

    Nice piece of creativity, I’ve experienced one of those lonely nights too, wishing wishes that seems forever away from your grasp. Well scribbled.

  2. timnwaobilo says:

    I love this piece.
    Love and her uncertainties.
    The poet is as though a farmer as his persistent references to trees and fruits implies so.
    Love is truely similar to farming and needs to be manured, pruned, and groomed to maturity and fruitfulness.
    Look well before you leap, in love.

  3. Anene Francis says:

    Questions based on uncertainty of love’s continuity and seeking assurance of the partner’s commitment to its sustenance through good and bad times… Beautiful poem. Kudos

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