Posted: January 16, 2014 in Poetry

by Shittu Fowora

Where our lost days secretly gather
Incubated by the thread of attainment
And a rue strand, whorled around it

Memory is where we fetch smiles from
Tucked away in the fine corners of wellsprings
of our ribs

The ligature sounding a note on the window of paused dreams 
In a tinsel of face saving compromises
Plotted yet not on the graph of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’

Memory — the finishing line of that balding head
bucking under the weight of morning exploits
Search as you would,
memory is lost on he who stuffs his struggles in perforated impulses
of calibrated angst 
M e m o r y. . . .

Shittu Fowora, Born in Lagos Island, he finds relief in reading and weaving his thoughts around words. Besides writing, reading, painting, he enjoys the company of creative youngsters, entrepreneurially-minded dudes and uber-intelligent ladies. He currently resides in Kaduna where he works as an IT Specialist. He can be reached on:

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Mr. Shittu, memory is that line you dropped in ellipsis…lolz!
    Good job anyway.

  2. Faeo Lyre Clive says:

    I know the master of tropes.

  3. timnwaobilo says:

    Memory is the string that connects past and present to future.
    This, I like.

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