Posted: January 15, 2014 in Poetry

by Oyin Oludipe Samuel

Sweet bites the heart – teeth and tumult,
The canine nibble of doubt
Seasons peck on ecstasies
When, double-coursed, weave a feud
of hearts:

Smile for guard, stride for solemn
Tantrum on the sole of retreat
And when regained, baptizes in rivers
Melts laughter stuck on the lips,
On the flair to think back

Sweet sweet bites the heart,
On old memories full of bile;
Early tokens of a weeping morn
Coursing to a heavy eye, shut
Of the wavering trance, of sensations
From the present;
Vapour slits on the cheek, aged passion
Drooping to mirages, newborn
Of the bereft

O the heart bites sweet
When, lonely on an evening, skins
Of a tranquil air itch the mind
Behind a dreamy troupe of stars;
Jocund voices of the past rouse
The thoughts of injury…

And yet…sweet sweet it bites –
Senile condolence on ridge of faded recalls –
The last midnight beyond elations,
The golden hour and the second next
…Sweet nibbles the bite,
Probes the lump shared beneath my throat:
Sizzles, dark exiles of the heart

I bit the heart!
Yet there I was – fragment of your
Half-hearted absence and doubt

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Moses opara says:

    Beautiful poem by Samuel. I love the dictions and the way it was weaved.

  2. Sweet sweet tastes the poem — the memories, both happy and regretful, taste so sweet, anchored on the poet’s preferred troupes of physical metaphors and euphonics.

  3. Quite emotional, but dotted to the heart with passionate flashes.

  4. Anene Francis says:

    Love between two people become bitter when they have misunderstanding… smile or temporal seperation is advised, to ease through it knowing you will joyfully cry and laugh over it later. such unhappy memories cause one to cry. Reunion is enough to compensate for them. But you are not certain of the reunion happening (the much I could get out of it)
    Good piece of poetry. I second mr Moses

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