Posted: January 12, 2014 in Poetry
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by Anene Chibuzo Francis

Pieces of my mind dropping
Like pellets of goat’s faeces…
They aren’t going
With me to the coffin.
No, they shouldn’t,
Or they would then be
Like goat faeces;
Waste, nothing.
Lost to the multitude of tiny jaws
Of tiny ever hungry worms.
I am but a being of dust.
They can have all of me,
When the time is right of course,
When I’m done here.
All of me they can have and share.
All of me but my mind, my thoughts.
Part of it is meant for my generation.
For its betterment, my contribution.
The other to accompany time
In its endless journey.
Then I would live on.
But before then comes,
Let me live for now.
Not just drinking Pepsi,
But dropping pieces of my mind.
Like this, one by one.
One at a time

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    This is really good Mr Anene, I enjoyed it. You are a poet now you know…yes we have been given a gift, and share we must. We must propagate it to the end of the world, so that others will benefit from it too…we are not taking it to our grave…it will remain here to blossom, yes to grow and germinate and through it we shall live on. Great work, thanks for sharing…keep reading and keep writing.

  2. LegendaryCJN says:

    Most writings of poetry of late have somehow experienced a paradigm shift from what Aristotle said of literary works as representation of action (praxis), not of persons, (that is to say that the focus of literary works should be on the inherent actions in the work than on the individual), the paradigm shift, however is also located in the poem above where the question of existence and the individuation of the individual is paramount. Here the persona carries us along, instead of in the actions in the work, but in his/her constant quest cum struggle to assert his/her control in the shaping of conditions of existence, but what the persona does not seem to understand is that the struggle is between man and what is man, which always and usually result in tragedy…such that one is tempted to ask, ‘does one fight with nature and come out victorious?’

    Mr Anene, you have unconsciously joined the bandwagon of poets…this really is more than an attempt…

  3. Asked if this will happen one day, I’d say YES, but when and how, I’d opine, NO IDEA.
    Francis, It gives me great joy to see you in the clime of lyriversity and in the acres of poems. And like you said, it is good you’re here cos you’ve got what shouldn’t follow your body down, and that’s what I bet, you’ll keep dropping on paper for generations to eat and be wiser.

    You’re welcome once again!

  4. Anene Francis says:

    Thank you all for the compliments and words of encouragement.
    @ Mr Solar, you got the message exertly… You’re sure you don’t have suggestions, in style maybe?… Anyways, you have good taste in pictures sha lol

    @ Mr Chime, your massive comment make me regret my not taking literature course in school. That would have armed me with the necessery tools to get your analysis in full. I would have to come back from time to time for more of its fruits. An apprentice with masters a good as you guys is sure to grow faster in the skill. Thanks

    @Mr Lion, you don show finally. I hail. That which I have I hope to share, little it may be, both on paper and several other media. Dooh

  5. Kendzi says:

    Wonderful, I like the metaphor and would henceforth not look at goat faeces the same way again. A promising piece, both of an epiphany and the talent of the writer.

  6. timnwaobilo says:

    Kendzi strikes same chord as I did while reading. There is a lot more to goat faeces, Mr Francis has revealed, though it seems he didn’t realise. If only he had ellucidated more…

    No, they shouldn’t,
    Or they would then be
    Like goat faeces;
    Waste, nothing.

    I wished you continued along that line…
    Look again and do re-thread please.

    Welcome to the Literary Planet.

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