TO THE gods…. 1

Posted: January 3, 2014 in Poetry
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by Rasaq Malik Gbolahan


from a battered heart
sleepy gods

If I take thorns to
the shrine of our sleepy gods
If I pour hemlock drinks
On the shrine of the our strangled seers
Elders of the land,
do not blame me

You can proceed
To break the tie of love
in our fragmented bond
Swallow the deserted land
with gurgling river

If I use quenched light to
trace the shrine of our gods
Elders of the land…..
Do not blame me
You can go ahead
To shatter the face of the sky
Hurl stones at my accursed lineage

And if I betray the moon
By waiting for candle sellers at the gatepost of dusk
Do not wish me well
through midnight’s adventure
I am ready to suck bloods from midnight’s corpses
My teeth, stuffed with weary bones
I shall break the tie of dreams
The tie of blurry visions
by crippled missionaries

Elders of the land
do not wish me well
I know the mysteries
The histories
Of blind forebears with stiffed tongues
Wrapped with cursed words

If I, another progeny from the womb of night
another wailing child from lost lineage
Tarry the blood-soaked streets
Do not wish me well
For already, my hopes are peeling
My dreams are drowning in the basin of blood

  1. chika says:

    What a piece!

  2. Dr. Echewodo says:

    Truly and proudly African

  3. daniel says:

    Great piece n well done… A bleeding Africa

  4. Anene Francis says:

    Chai! This is one sad fellow, aggrieved to despair… Nice piece. (check this please *Shallow* the deserted land’ or ‘swallow…’)

  5. timnwaobilo says:


    A man doomed to self destruct, consequently he despises the gods, using his explanation to the elders as a mental cushion.

    ” Whom the gods would destroy , they first make
    mad” Prometheus in
    The Masque of Pandora(Longfellow)

  6. Sheyzznote says:

    Beautiful write up, but ugly mind.

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