I am {…Creed Of An African Child…}

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Poetry
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Biafra, War, Starvation, Death,

Biafra, War, Starvation, Death,

by Soonest Iheanyi Nathaniel

I am the sore tale
Of the prematurely ruptured hymen,
The bitter, aftermath taste of stale,
Of a lustfully decanted semen;
I am an African child.

I am the last echoed note
Of a sweet, faded song,
The empty can’s music you loathe,
The blank message the rattling gong;
I am the African child.

I am the skeleton of a dead dream,
the eclipsed flux of the moon’s beam.
I am the cadaver of addle visions,
The remains of rotten aspirations;
I am the African child.
I am the special gift of the bowels of fate,
The best offering from penury’s greatest estate.
I am the fume of smoking factory chimneys,
The chime of the poor beggar’s pennies;
I am an African child.

I am the content in the belly of the ashtray,
the lesson of the corpse after decay.
I am the uncultivated alluvial core,
A virgin maid that’s known no man ever before;
I am an African child.

I am the spot of the leopard,
a sheep straying without shepherd.
I am a candle light hidden under a bushel,
An innovation trapped in ignorance’s cell;
Yea! I am the African child.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Anene Francis says:

    This is a very nice poem…
    Africa shown through the eyes of an individual. Africa, Negleted and mercilessly exploited. Africa, full of potentials but denied its rights to develop and be independent.
    Great message, great poem mr Soonest. Wish I had read this sooner sha.
    Mr Chime, I hope you see this. This sure is a purple green hibiscus as the one you described. I told you what I would do for such beauties and I am… lol

  2. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    This is a very emotional piece, one that always always touch the fabric of my soul everytime I read it. Its imagery and the pain of the poet persona is very vivid in these lines I must say..great work Soonest, great.

    But I will never fail to say that the African child is not just a petri dish to grow fungi and bacteria, no! He is not the eleventh plague the egyptians never had…he has a good story too, a fate far better than the one illustrated here.

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