MORNING POEM OF THE DAY *Hurrah For Thunder*

Posted: November 9, 2013 in LINES OF THE DAY
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by Christopher Okigbo

Whatever happened to the elephant-
Hurrah for thunder-

The elephant, tetrarch of the jungle:
With a wave of the hand
He could pull four trees to the ground;
His four mortar legs pounded the earth:
Wherever they treaded,
The grass was forbidden to be there.

Alas! The elephant has fallen-
Hurrah for thunder-

But already the hunters are talking about pumpkins:
If they share the meat let them remember thunder.

The eye that looks down will surely see the nose;
The finger that fits should be used to pick the nose.

Today–for tomorrow, today becomes yesterday:
How many million promises can ever fill a basket…

If I don’t learn to shut my mouth I’ll soon go to hell,
I, Okigbo, town-crier, together with my iron bell.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

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