Posted: September 27, 2013 in Poetry

by Soonest Nathaniel Scholes

When you were a centipede, I was a millipede.
I guess our difference was but time, length or maybe speed.
You measured in centimetres while I did mine in millimetres,
still all we trailed was one same lead.
 Ever creepy, ever lovely;
Critters, lovers.
As always change remained constant, and our transformations came almost instant.
When you were a snail, I was a slug.
Gently together we wriggled upon the grassy-rug,
crawling through life slow and steady.
O! How I loved your offerings of hydrocolloid jelly,
that doting nectar; your aphrodisiac most sexy.
Unconsciously we lived, unconsciously we loved and unconsciously we died.
We slumbered, side-by-side; Bonny and Clyde.

 When you were a tadpole, I was a fish.
Soon we became amphibians,
against our wish.
There we were toad and frog, two familiar-aliens
Time turned on the lathe, and again we were spun by the tools of fate.
When I was a moth, you were a butterfly,
your radiant imbued feathers catching every eye.
Then we became Aves, free to air, free to touch the sky.
And that liberty besotted our head;
thus we should have, but we were never wed.
Gleefully we should have lived; joyfully we should have loved, happily we should have died.
We should have ended-up side-by-side, groom and bride; like Bonny and Clyde.

Sometimes I wish we could go back to being creepy-lovers and lovely-critters,
but now the clock of change has ticked its last, and our prime we are passed,
there’s no going forth nor back down the Darwinian track;
thus our love metamorphosed to hate, and we from innocence to impudence have evolved.

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Chimezie says:

    Seriously, one of the best poems I read last year

  2. Tanya Grigsby says:

    Well written…beautiful as always. You have amazing talent!

  3. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    I just love this poem too much

  4. Anene Francis says:

    Two love partners, building on their love over time, slow and steady, through smooth and hard times. A love so strong you pulled through to maturity. All those are memories past now because the love hit a brick wall all of a sudden. Chai, Pele (we don’t know how come sha)…
    Beautiful piece of poetry. Keep it up mr Soonest

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