Posted: September 7, 2013 in Poetry

by Chimezie Chika

It is raining here,
rain drops, fine tears
upon the earth,
upon my heart
i spit these arabesque:
una lucha a muerte!

Yesterday we travelled,
a friend and i
and the bus kept coughing
through the water-bloated road,
beneath the angry sun.

And yesterday we travelled,
cups of mud
here and there
and we ate noise and music
who is here to save us?

But today we travelled to Nsugbe
we over-ate
our discussion
and got bored before
the sun turned
orange behind
the fat gmelinas on its way home.

We met our friends.
They graduated, and
yes, they graduated
and we threw mud-laughter at them
and came to this restaurant.

It is night
we are bored
and these arabesque
makes no meaning
until the girls came and
see me, friends, see me!
Talking to the fair one,
watching the streamlined nose,
the small mouth
looking like an apple
in the lavender lights!
See me watch, oh friends, see me!
watch the rotund thighs
and feel my sudden stirring here
not with the fair one
for my mind has travelled.

Lavender lights
sensual smiles
hearts afire and my palm wine-tasting Smirnoff
see me!
I am tired, i am bored
no end to the sinister
darkness of this night.

One day a friend told me he is in love
and that day,
friends, that day,
i saw lay
upon the thatch roof
the huge iguanas of Atani
and the eldermen-fishermen
drinking hot-wine
under the hut.

You immediately think
there is no connection here,
disparate things,
See me! Brave clouds refusing to rain,
to weep again
the tears of men in
who bored themselves
with drinks
hot as an angry sun
for the iguanas
to warm under.

The wind caresses
the trees
they moan, the
anguish of earth
excreted at the big-mouthed cistern
the wind caresses the trees of june,
when we three were born.
The wind caresses my thoughts of you
at this table,
with my misty bottle,
your image,
with my misty bottle,
the wind caresses
these longings, these arabesque. And
to my heart it says:
una lucha a muerte!

alone here,
drinking your thoughts
from this misty bottle,
the neglected girl
beside me,
and i alone,
lonely here, lavender lights on my face
dead roses, tiny blossoms,
the breath of forlorn fragipanis near me
and i mutter
against the ears of your image:
una lucha a muerte . . .

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Dymphina says:

    “The wind caresses the trees, they moan” lol .. Splendid

  2. Anene Francis says:

    I see, Love at first sight. Its sweet torture on this guy… With all these love petals flying around, I’m tempted to intensify the search for my other half so as to put these beautiful lines to good use lol … beautiful. ( The odd language in it is spanish abi?)

  3. Chimezie says:

    Yes, it is Spanish.

  4. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    I love this poem deeply. Yes, Somewhere among my best.

  5. Great poem, full of sensory arrest. I love the of the diction.
    Thumbs to the poet….

    • dave says:

      mmm! this guy is really “bad” with words; ..
      .”the bus kept coughing through the water-bloated road”. … “the wind caresses the trees they moan”. good diction bro! so seasoning.

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