Posted: July 9, 2013 in EZEAMALUKWUO SPEAKS 2

by Okoye Chukwudi Charles Ezeamalukwuo

In a Whorehouse,
Wine and I broke words,
Absent of Coins.
72 Virgins and I alone;
Cock hardened at such thought.
For one only was I enslaved.
She was different.
I had laid absent regard of pleasing a woman.
Apologises, a skill lacking in most men.
Sometimes wine and foolishness
Are needed to forge greater bond.
But she, not so easily swayed.
What would she have me do?
Set Bombs to purpose?
Suffer innocents to bleed?
Watch flesh strip from bone,
Both heart and honour and all;
Both beauty and beast and all?
Offer death in exchange for her affection?
Child of the house of Niger,
Now sworn to bring blood brothers to doom.
Prove of what a man can do, given cause.
Or woman or both.
She wants nothing more than to claim the throne.
She wants nothing but a dynasty in the north.
Now she stands more of a threat to us all.
She has lost mind,
The whole Niger have slipped from reason.
And I not less, the most fallen of all
Chose path upon it.
To bring comrades to harm.
To pull already spread legs wider apart
And let Apophis, rain blood on the land.
But fate bared only her fallen breast,
To let me, a foolish child suck.
Pulled cock from barn to piss on land.
Only to have balls severed from manhood.
Now I stand a bull absence of cock.
Now I can have her not, nor she, me.
Now I am half a man, and far less noble.
To heed ears to death, the afterlife beckons
There to lie forgotten by all, by whores and tavern.
By the very maiden that bid me doom.

*(Some lines were taken from Spartacus season 3)

Lyriversity — Liberty of Creativity

  1. Chime221 says:

    enchanting… I can imagine the scene of the first few lines myself

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